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    How long you can stand on one leg ? That's indication of good health

    We know that Rishis and Munis were doing penance with one leg and that was not easy to satisfy the God to invoke blessings as sometimes the penance lasted for months. But standing on one leg and sustaining the same is also a great exercise to prove that how you are strong enough confidence wise, how you can work out the brain for new way of use, how you can coordinate all the organs and muscles in a better way to sustain more strength. And by doing so we are also learning the art of not falling. How long you can stand on one leg ? That's indication of good health
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    I never tried this and I don't know how long I can stand. It all depends on the age, weight and body structure of the individual. If you start practising the same from an early age you may be able to stand for loner times. If a heavyweight person stands on a single leg, the weight on the leg will be very high and that will get pained. so we should think about the after-effects also. if we want to start at an advanced age.
    As mentioned by the author, some Rishis might have done it in the olden days. But their food habits, living ways and practices are also entirely different. Anyhow it is very good if we can follow such people and perform such acts so that we will have good health and good physique.

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    This is based on a recent study. I read about it just today when I opened the Firefox browser and came across it in the 'Recommended by Pocket' section and found it very interesting. The article mentioned that it helps us to maintain our balance and, more importantly, if when over 70 years we follow the exercise recommended, a fracture may be less likely.

    Read -

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    Our ancient sages have been a storehouse of knowledge, which is useful not only for good health but also for good mentality and all-around development. Yoga has been an important part of our culture with various methods, Bhakti, Yoga, etc. Even in old or religious serials, we see that sages keep chanting mantras for a certain easy way for austerity for hours and years rather than years. It is really unique art to connect oneself with God, but at present, the situation is that there is no question on one leg, even on both legs, a person cannot stay in the same position for a long time.

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    Even if one can stand for 20 seconds on one leg that proves to be sound health.
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