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    In the film Drushyam, a simple reasoning was overlooked!

    If anyone has seen the movie Drushyam, the plot revolves around an IG son who is accidentally murdered by a hero's daughter and wife. The hero protects his wife and daughter from the law. As the director has overlooked a simple logic, there will be dismissed or it will not stand in the court of law for the self-defense murdered, even if the accused is proven to have murdered. Because simple logic was overlooked, the director of the Drushyam film split the plot into two sections. Is the director of the film unaware of this? or is he attempting to deceive the public? else we must accept that movies are fictional and that reality does not exist. What are your thoughts on this?
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    First of all we should never get serious into the movies which are now showing plots and scenes that are new and unbelievable and before starting of movie they show a raider that the film was made for entertainment and nothing to hurt anyone or belittling any law or any person. That close the matter that directors need not go into the details as suggested by author. And Telugu cinemas are in dire need of come back and the directors are spending their mid night oil to churn out new characters, new rules of film making and even suggesting some rules to the govt. We are sometimes forced to see such movies which are against the set rules and laws and how the censor is giving go ahead signals for such movie which is against the law. Hope the censor officials see this post and answer the author with their response.
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    Bhushan, the hero in the movie is shown to be trying to save his wife and daughter from being branded as murderers. Even if they are brought before the law and are saved under the exception of private defence, the fact that they have murdered someone will become public and the stamp of having committed a crime will remain. Hence this twist that has made the story line different and the movie a mega hit in different languages. Even otherwise, as Mohan has said, it is better to look at movies as movies instead of trying to decipher the logic behind the stories.
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    Generally, many movies will have some creative issues which are not possible in the real life. A movie is a recreation and relaxation tool for human beings and this is the cheapest way of having some relaxation in our otherwise busy. So we have to see, enjoy and leave it there. We need not get into the realities and try to find out the faults in the movie. I have seen the movie and it is very difficult to manage the issue in real life as managed by the hero in the movie. There may be many issues in the movie which are beyond logic and unnatural.
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    #747766 If that is the case, the IG will not be upset or complain about her son's death because everyone in society knows her son is a sex addict and a womanizer when it is proved in the court of law, and it would be more disrespectful to society and in the department for the IG to have a son like this, and everyone would scold IG for not properly nurturing her boy.
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    Movies are made for the purpose of entertainment of the audience, in which I also do not find it right to think with logic. There are many movies in which there is no logic but the public likes them and the producer-director, actor, etc. have a lot of benefits too. The writer understood the movie so carefully that it is not bad but most people do not think so deeply.

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    #747784, here the story revolves around the hero and his family and hence it has been conceived and written in this manner. The concept and story would have definitely been different if the IG was the protagonist. Being critical about a movie we see is fine, but I don't think there is any point in going overboard.
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    These types of anomalies and ambiguities are found in many movies in many languages and many countries worldwide. The purpose of the film producer and director is to entertain the people by showing some real as well as unreal ideas so that the people get entertained to the maximum because they have paid for it. So, while creating storylines many times these producers will cross the boundary of reality and enter in the the imaginative world. That is the way the entertainment and amusement industry all over the world is functioning. Their main aim is to excite the emotions and sentiments of the viewers and entertain them to the maximum and in the process the movie producers will earn a handsome amount for themselves. They are in the business of movie making and they have to make a profit out of it and for that many times they will even defy the logics.
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