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    I am Radha Muralidhar. I had lost my phone two months back and all my data was lost including India

    I have no other option now to open a new account. I have registered it in the name of Niharikha .I am not sure if I can get back my old account which was functioning under the name of Lokhi since 2014.
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    Radha Muralidhar, do not get disappointed. As far as I know the all the data if they are synced with the Google , surely that can be retrieved and backed up as contacts and e mails are always stored in Google accounts securely and if you remember the log in pass words of all previous accounts that can be retrieved. Meanwhile also lodge complaint with the local police and they can catch the culprit with the last call trace and with other parameters. Also lodge complaint with the telecom operator and ask to allot same number by cancelling the previous one. We have to be careful and should not keep the phones at the unknown place and wherever we go let the phone be in our hands to prevent such things happening in future. But why you kept mum for two months and by this time the action should have been taken. And ISC cannot take back old account.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Mohan. When I took purchased a new oppo phone and retrieved the same sim no ,the staff didn't save my old data and my all my contacts including India Study Channel which was dear to my heart also got deleted. All these two months I had run from pillar to post to get my data back all of them said that it can't be revived. Neither you nor me,could read my messages. So, I had opened the present account to get connected with ISC. Thanks for the prompt reply.

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    Radha, you might have lost your data in your phone that was lost, but your details and contributions are still secure with ISC. You may try to login to ISC with your old ID and password (if you remember them) and check out whether you are able to access the data. If I am not mistaken, there is no provision to merge two accounts.
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    Very sorry to note that you have lost your phone and you last all the data. As a first action, you should inform the service provider and ask him to deactivate your SIM card. I hope you might have done that. Then you have to get a SIM with the same number from the same service provider. But retrieving the old data from that SIM may not be possible unless otherwise, you have google back up. Start contributing with the new account and continue your journey on ISC. There may be some people with two accounts here but they can't get both the accounts merged I think. All the best to you.
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    Very sorry to have heard that you have lost your phone causing you a lot of convenience in getting back your contributions made in this channel. However, retrieving your contributions are possible with your remembrance of of old password and your email. At this moment, you have to lodge a police complaint regarding the misplacement of your phone through a written complaint so that they would take efforts to nab the culprit. Then the next step is to take the help of your service provider asking for the SIM having the same number which you retained earlier. Once the service provider offers you a new SIM bearing the same number, insert the same in your mobile to have your connectivity. Your old datas and contributions can be retrieved through the Google Account if maintained already.

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    Thank you all for your suggestions. Unfortunately, I have forgotten my password . That is the main issue. I will begin afresh and start posting as I was doing earlier.

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    Have you used the 'forgot password' feature that is provided on the log-in page of ISC? You don't need to set up a separate account as rightly pointed out by Saji Ganesh.

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    Vandana and Saji Ganesh,
    I am still unable to open my old account as I have totally forgotten my password because it was saved on my old phone. Forgot password option also says invalid password.
    I am afraid if I try to do anything further,my account will be locked again.
    May I know if there is any option to change password from your end and provide it to me?

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    Niharikha( Radha Muralidhar).
    I feel you need not panic in this regard. Your posts are saved in the ISC server. You can view them by searching with your name (Radha Muralidhar) for posts. Please see my PM to you to the new as well as old accounts.

    As I viewed your old account there are no residual cash credits or points in them, as they have been forfeited/lost due to long inactivity. So materially it does not matter much now.
    However for our familiarity and recollect you could have opened the new account in same sounding name with just one alphabet change or so.
    But anyway new username is also good.

    Let us hope everything ends well and your worries get over.

    We wait for you continued contributions in whatever user name it may-. After all A rose is a rose ...

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    Thank you for the compliment. I shall try following your suggestion and give you the feedback after trying to retrieve it.

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