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    How the children seamlessly switch languages is really amazing

    The children of South India are bound to learn mother tongue, local language, Hindi and English for sure. And if the neighbor happens to be of other state, even that would be learned. So a small child of two to three years is getting habituated to learn as many as four to five languages with fluency and how the children seamlessly switch languages is really amazing. At home they speak mother tongue, in the school they speak English and with friends they speak Hindi and local language and after coming home they play with the neighbor children and speak in their language. That is really great on the part of small children to switch languages so often and get into expertise
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    That is true. The children in cities who are studying in a good corporate school learn taking English as well as Hindi very fluently as they are spending a lot of time with teachers and other students. Many families converse in their mother tongue in their houses. So a kid is able to learn three or four languages easily and they can easily stop talking in one language and start talking in the other language. That is the advantage they have. A kid who was born in another country is learning only two languages. Their mother tongue and English only. But in India because of different regional languages, the kids are getting the chance of learning many languages. My granddaughter who is 4 years old talks in English, Telugu and Hindi. As she got admitted to a Kannada school in Bangalore they are teaching Kannada also. That school teaches Sanskrit to all without any exemption. So she is learning Sanskrit also. So totally she speaks in 5 languages.
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    Indeed. It is truly surprising how childrens of today are learning so many languages successful and being able to use it with efficiency. As the author said, South Indian children indeed are a example of this excellence however I believe many children all around the country have become accustomed with being fluent in multiple languages. One of the many reasons can be their shift from one state to another over a course of time which enable them to learn multiple languages of different states. It can also be the spread of internet and the never ending interest. As children grow up, they start to have their own interests and those can also range into learning about different cultures as well languages. In many schools french and German are taught to the students too. Therefore, fresh minds can capture so much and so when children speak such beautiful language with such ease every day it is truly breath taking to watch.
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    The highlight is that they grasp and practice new langauge so fast and improvise.
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    That's what children are good at. They pick up things very fast and equally implement them. Children are eager to learn and when they hear their associates speaking different languages they imitate and learn the languages fast. In states where there are many languages in use, there is always an option to learn the languages. Depending upon the interest one can learn the languages. Children who mix with more people get more exposure and learn accordingly.

    However, I found when both the parents speak different languages inside the home the child can become confused and may learn to speak late. If both the parents speak the same language inside the home then it's not a problem for the child to learn.


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