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    How can this atrocity in Tamil Nadu, be justified?

    One You Tube activist, who goes by the name of Maridas, was recently arrested for having posted a highly objectionable post in Twitter. This was simply atrocious, to say the least. In that tweet, this guy had sort of said that Tamil Nadu is now becoming another Kashmir, since the menace of terrorism is seen everywhere and terrorists were responsible for the unfortunate helicopter crash.

    This Maridas is a member of the active Godi media of the ruling party at the Centre. It repeatedly tries to create communal trouble in Tamil Nadu, by inciting passions between people. Of late, this fellow had gone beyond limits.

    The helicopter crash was very unfortunate and there is not even one iota of evidence of any sabotage. The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Mr. M.K. Stalin, had visited the place and paid his respects. He had also made it clear that the Tamil Nadu police will actively assist in the investigation.

    In the meanwhile, the Tamil Nadu BJP Chief, Mr. Annamalai, who was a former IPS officer, but hardly knows how to behave like one, has justified the Twitter post and has condemned the arrest of Maridas. This is ridiculous to say the least. Even the Central BJP leaders have not condemned the Tweet. This is also really sad.

    Trying to weaken a democratically elected Government would do the ruling party at the Centre, no good. The State Government is widely seen as a highly responsible and active Government. There is absolutely no way in which the blame can be attributed to terrorism in Tamil Nadu, which is one of the safest States of India.

    We should do everything to defeat all dangerous signs of trouble.
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    This social media is becoming a media to talk all nonsense about what they think. Many people are commenting as they like on this unfortunate incident. Why he should link terrorism and the death of the Army Chief. It is not correct. Many people are advising all not to talk whatever they want. Anyhow an enquiry has been ordered and the actual reasons for the accident will be known. In between why one should talk as they like.
    We have seen 2 or 3 accidents of helicopters in united Andhra Pradesh also. The then Chief Minister of United Andhra Pradesh also died in such an accident only and our Ex Lokshabha speaker Balayogi also died in a similar accident. At those times also people started talking as they like and started blaming many. This is not a good sign and people should refrain from making such comments. It is very unfortunate that we have lost an able person and it is a great loss to the country.

    always confident

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    For that matter none is above the law and who ever shares objectionable content on the social media are liable to be arrested and his accounts banned by the social media company. When the investigation is going on in the matter, stories appearing on the issue is obvious as the curiosity across the country has been increasing. There has been other news that TN has become the center for happening deaths of various Icons of past and that includes killing of Rajiv Gandhi and even attempt was made on the life of LK Advani in Coimbatore. Now that the black box has been recovered and decoding has been going on to finish the probe, we will know the truth as to what exactly happened and why the crash was so sudden. And regarding Maria Das, the police would investigate and get the truth from his side.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This is true that when an incident happens in any area many questions arise in public minds and they have the right to give their view at the same time public opinion is just an opinion it's not a judicial decision that affects the reality. Then why would anyone be arrested because of a post or sharing his views? Our constitution gives us human rights and one of them is the freedom of speech, which may be restricted in emergency only. We do not know the truth behind the accident, it may be planned or just incident, it will come to know soon, till now people should also think about before putting their opinion. Sometimes we see some cases where social media also play an important role in spreading false news or creating unnecessary disputes, but whatever happens, one should not be arrested for this, there are many more ways can found by concerned people.

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