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    What will happen to the Indian language movies now?

    A very few masala movies in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu have become hits in the past few years. Even with the advent of the OTT platform, very few movies have really made money.

    The cinema industry is such a huge industry and has too many stakeholders. We just cannot afford to allow this vast industry to die a slow death.

    What is really worrying is the lack of imagination of the film producers and the directors. The usual stories are told again and again. Those with a big image like Rajnikant, still manage to make money, as their fans will somehow see the movie at least on two different occasions and bring in the required money. Hence, even if the movie runs for just twenty five days in a few theatres in a big city or a metro city, the producer will not have burnt his bank balance.

    Not everyone is lucky, though. There are smaller players and the heroes are not making money at all. In Telugu, one understands that one leading lady called Sai Pallavi, from Tamil Nadu, is making a big difference with her bubbling enthusiasm. Her recent movies are hits, one is told.

    We really do not have such young stars in Tamil movies. One really does not know much about recent Hindi hits, but the scenario is not much different, there as well.

    Given the limitations, what can be done to revive the film industry?
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    That is true. When we see some movies in various languages we feel many unnatural things. The gap of age between the main male lead and the main female lead will be very high. The directors may be thinking that people will like the movie by seeing their star leads in the film. But these star actors will contribute to bringing the person to the theatre. But there are on it is the director who has to make the viewers forget about their favourite hero and see only the role he is playing.
    There are many directors these days who are very creative. Rajmouli who made Bahubali is one such director and now a big movie of him by the name RRR is going to be released and there are many expectations. A good storyline, good dialogues and songs will also contribute to the success of the movie. I feel creative directors are the need of the hour.

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    To address this problem the Jagan govt in AP has already made a fixed rate ticket to be purchased online for viewing movie in a particular theater and there cannot be disparities of high and low rates. Be it big budget film or the off the record light movie with low budget, the ticket rates are same and no promotional shows allowed. Thus the theaters are going to survive and the main reason for this decision is to give a helping hand to side and group artistes who comprise more but not getting proper salaries or remuneration are now assured of income. Likewise all the states must help the film Industry and releasing through OTT platform must be stopped as there is overwhelming support from the cine-goers to visit and view the film on big screen and that matter the most pride thing for every hero and heroine to surge up.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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