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    Can reverse migration happen to some extent in different places now?

    Chennai and Bangalore are two big metro cities that have traffic that is really huge. In the peak hours, it is impossible to move around quite fast. The traffic jams are very common. The heavy concentration of the IT industry in the two big cities is now telling on the common man.

    However, the Tamil Nadu Government, and to some extent, the AP Government, is trying to diffuse the development and make other areas well developed too. For example, IT parks are now being expanded or built in Coimbatore and Salem. One understands that Vijayawada and Vizag, are the new growth centers of AP.

    What are the other areas that are growing in AP? Can we have some reverse migration? Is it possible to have high quality CBSE schools and colleges in the other centers of growth? How can we reverse the metro-city lead growth?
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    There are many small cities in Andhra Pradesh which are having potential for growth. But unfortunately, the present government in the state is not having any plans for the development of the state. Many promoters are shifting away from that State now. So I don't foresee any development in that state.
    Kakinada, Nellore, Rajahmundry and Ongole are some cities that are having chances for growth. But I don't know how the present government that is headed by a most corrupt man will attempt for the growth.
    Even in Telangana, there are many cities like Warangal, Nizamabad and Khammam. But the government is not taking any measures to see that. good industries will come to those cities so that people will migrate there. Hyderabad is becoming more and more crowded but still, people are migrating to this place only to make some livelihood.

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    There is a tendency of people to go to big cities and metros because they get some job there easily which can fetch them some good amount. In small places the earnings would be less and jobs would also not be many. Due to this trend of migrating to big cities, there is a big crowd in these big cities and problem of housing and traffic are so common there. In this situation the only solution that comes to the mind is to give permission for new industries only in rural areas so that the local people can get the job easily and the area where the industry is established also develops and progresses.
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    As opined by the author there is a positive mood in the minds of migrants as they are coming back to the last work and complete the same as the builders and construction companies are calling them back, offering good salary, staying and also insuring them for future under the group insurance scheme in case of any adversities. In Telangana there is growth all around right from agriculture, pharma, real estate, infra developments and so on and therefore there is huge need for work force and those in local area are not sought because they would not work all the hours in shifts to complete the projects , so there is much requirement of migrants who have been shifted to their natives. I spoke to one builder who revealed that Telangana is poised for big leap in development once the new projects takes to beginning soon.
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