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    We should promote peace between all religions

    There are some dangerous trends in Indian society. One of such trends is to blame the minority religions for all trouble. The narrative is so big that some sections of the society are sold on this false narrative.

    The truth is vastly different. The minority religions and their leaders also have responsible leaders. There are too many intellectuals among them too. For example, in Tamil Nadu, they run hospitals, schools and colleges and even Deemed Universities. They are really good and promote cultural harmony, irrespective of caste or creed or whatever. The persistent attempts of one party to create a divide has met with horrible failure.

    This should indeed be the case. We need to promote peace between all religions and not promote hatred.
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    There should be peace in society and we all should try to promote peace. There is no second thought about this. Another point to be remembered is Indians are really peace lovers and they will be good with all other people irrespective of their caste and religion. But politicians never like this situation and they want to divide. Some political parties try to promote some religions and ignore some religions. This is only causing a lot of unrest in the country. In the name of minorities, the political parties are trying to raise tempers in some sections of society. That is very unfortunate. Let us have a clear understanding of the parameters required for a religion to be called a minority. There is a change in the mentality of the people and nobody is ready to suffer because of their religion. Serious thinking and reorganisation of the government policies are very much needed now.
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    We must promote peace in the society because only in that way harmony between the communities would prevail. Peace has the potential to concentrate on the jobs people undertake for their earnings. Any disturbance of peace would mean destabilising the entire society which would cost us heavily in terms of education of the student community, dislocation of business houses, loss of jobs of employees because of shortfall of production due to drop of demands etc.
    This peace is disturbed by the politicians due to their narrowness in the thinking process. If there is the division, there are chances that they would exploit the situation for their gain. This is really a very unfortunate phase. Our people should ensure that no peace of the society or region is disturbed by a handful politicians.

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    All the religious leaders, whichever religion they belong, should promote peace and order. It is criminal act to instigate the people to one another. There are some leaders who instigate people based on religious sentiment and that creates a big disorder and turbulence in the country. The gullible people fall in the trap of these leaders and do a big harm to the national properties and national honour. So the Govt, whichever party is in power, should deal with these destructive elements sternly and punish them for their bad and anti national deeds. Anyone who creates problems by instigating the people deserves severe punishment.
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    Frankly speaking the people among all the religions do mingle and take help of each other on daily basis and it is the politicians who play the divide and rule policy. Hyderabad is the best place for communal harmony between the people as we could see forgetting their religion each family would visit the other and get benefited and move. For me I have good number of Muslim friends and Christian buddies in Secunderabad and in old city , unfortunately I could not meet them for obvious reasons but they are in touch with me on social media and wish for every festival. We can see temple and mosque exists side by side and Muslims participate in Diwali celebrations and Hindus sends fruits to mosques for the relieve of fasting during Ramzan. So peace is already existing and we have to keep the politicians away from us.
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    I agree with the author, our constitution also does not allow any kind of discrimination on the basis of religion, caste, gender, etc and humanity also does not allow this to happen because we know it is wrong. It is true that the minority class can at times come under the fear that due to their low numbers, their religion or society may not be reduced gradually, but for this, many rights or articles have already been given in the constitution which gives them such rights. Right to freedom and the right to live. It is wrong to blame any particular religion or caste for any accident.

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    There is no need of promoting. All religions are telling the same thing but in different style only. This is clear to all real religion involved people. But the half boiled persons only confusing the other people. We can see there has been no controversial statements or opinions coming from Christians or Muslims. But from the so called followers of Hinduism are creating controversial points to gain something for themselves.

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    This is an ambitious task that may not be easy to achieve. The country is polarised on the basis of religion and caste. The polarisation that has taken place since a few years back has divided the people and achieving peace among all the religions looks difficult. Every day, we hear the news of the people of one religion having problems with the people of another religion. The leaders who are supposed to nip such trends in the bud are not doing anything. The political leaders are busy with election works and using the polarised atmosphere for their political gains.
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