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    Let us encourage these modern IT-based services

    There is one famous company. If you would want to clean a place, arrange for some carpenter work or some welding work and so on, one has to just log in and the guys will come calling. They are fully trained and do a great job. Yes. The charges are quite high.

    Presently, this is available only in the big cities. However, one understands that even tier 3 cities may have them in a few years. Well, we need to encourage these services for two or three reasons. The first is that the kind of work that they do, cannot be done by us. The second reason which is very important is that it promotes employment of skilled personnel, who are also well trained to do a very good job.

    And third, it does save us enormous time and perhaps on a weekend, we can simply relax and allow these guys to take over. When we support such services, we also have the satisfaction of having supported some poor people, directly or indirectly.

    Swiggy is also one such service. It is another story that employees are somewhat exploited. However, there should be some generous hotel owner who can offer a free lunch, to these poor guys.
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    Apart from software and hardware based IT companies providing solutions to their customers and people employed there, numerous other online companies are come into force during the pandemic and they have well established now. To name the few the Urban clap, the Jigyadi the two which I am seeing has grown up well and professionalism has been shown on how to deal with customers. While Urban clap treats every employee as the partner and each job is assigned with commission and one must have the zeal to complete as much as they can to earn whooping amount daily which may even cross 3000. And Jigyadi is providing the house hold works like cleaning, water tank and sump cleaning as these are specialized service to keep clean during this repeated virus menace. So there is a need to support modern companies.
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    There are some companies in Hyderabad also who have their own mobile app and we can book a service and they will come and perform the job as defined by them. During Pandemic I used their services for plumbing work, electrical works and hair cutting works. They maintain timing well and finish the work on time. But we have pay a little more than what we pay normally. Such companies will pool up some skilled workers in the corresponding trades and pay them 70 to 80% of the amount what we pay. The remains 20 to 30 % will be for their share. Even we find some online sites where we can book taxis for long distances travel and in those cases I find the charges are less. We should use such services so that we will have peace of mind. We need not follow up with the technician. The quality of work will also be good.
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    Many such services have emerged now about which the author has mentioned in this post. These services are offered through the software apps and one can book a service just on the internet or by making a call to their centre. These people are working under the computer logic in a very efficient and productive way and customer is benefited. Under this scenario it is the duty of the customer to take care of these people by prompt payments and good behaviour. Of course these services provide all the modes of the payments including cash on delivery. We have to encourage these employees because these services have opened a big employment potential.
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    Earlier such facilitators were known as contractors.

    Now due to the prevalent use of IT applications these enterprises are run by IT tech people.

    It has become a necessity now because practically it is very difficult to get people for small jobs and services.

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