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    Teachers of school children need to become multi-task specialists

    The pandemic has brought out the best in people. The school teachers, as a class, are one such. They have really done some innovation in terms of reaching out to students, They have also been able to reach out to parents. Only now, the schools have reopened with severe restrictions.

    The teachers need to be trained as counselors, and this skill should be at least the basic skills. There are hundreds of trained professionals who can impart such basic skills. The teachers also need to become IT experts, to teach the children at a fairly young age, the basic IT skills. For example, a seventh standard child should be able to operate both Ms-Word and Ms-Excel and a tenth standard child should know the nuances of Ms-powerpoint in detail.

    The teachers need a mindset change. One really hopes that the authorities concerned will take up this task on a priority basis.
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    After reading this post I want to share the real happening right in our house where in my wife left the school but the students who are habituated with her are not attending the class but taking tuition from her. Not only her school students and also other school students joined here. But what I wish to state that two years of cut off from school class room teaching and the real teacher missing, the students forgot even the basics and my wife forced to teach from backwards to make understand each lesson and meaning properly. Such is the pathetic condition of education and Telangana govt has advised schools only to prepare objective type for this year final exam and no long answer writing and thus students are not reading the text at all and concentrating on yes or no or tick answers. That is pathetic down grading. Where the teacher skills of multi tasking would be explained ?
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    The suggestion of the author is not wrong, but in this matter, not only teachers should change their mindset, but common people should also change their mindset. Today we find in many families where people do not give much importance to the teacher's job which is wrong. Even in giving salary to a teacher, there has been a lot of injustice during the pandemic, which we have seen in many schools. The first purpose of a teacher is to educate a student, now the question is that the meaning of education is different for different people. Those who judge the teaching method of the teacher only on the basis of bookish knowledge and high marks in the mark sheets, do not care about the actual knowledge. Therefore, first people should change their thinking that how should be the right path of education, this is an important change but it is very important to adopt it.

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    That is very much needed. All the trained teachers are accustomed to teach to the students sitting in front of them and the situation there will be completely under the control of the teacher. The teacher can see very clearly which student is concentrating on the lessons and take corrective actions and see that all the students are aligned.
    But online teaching is completely different and a teacher may not have such proximity to students. He has to keep on switching over from one to the other to ask questions and see how is faring and following the lesson.
    As mentioned by the author the mindset of the teacher has to change to cope up with this changing trends and do justice to the profession.
    I feel some refresher courses to the teachers can be planned so that they will get acquainted with the new skills required for online teaching. That will bring many positive changes in the mind set of the teacher.

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    It is right that the teachers should change their mindset so that they can train their pupils in the multidirectional ways. But the same analogy is to be maintained even for the public. Once the corona phase started the students were not allowed to go to schools any more due to the prevalence of the pandemic. They had their online classes. The teachers were doing their best to provide right skills to their pupils but the parents did not realise the importance the roles of the teachers. Though the situation has differed due to the online mode, but it requires a lot of skills to make their pupils competent. In this situation, the teachers need to gear up their skills with the appropriate training in the prevailing scenario. Pupils should also change their mindset in the present situation with paying full attention to the lessons provided by their teachers.

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    The school teacher's job is a very difficult one unlike those teachers in the colleges or professional institutes. The school teachers have to teach the students of ages between 5 years to 15 years. It is a tough job to teach and manage that age group. They need very good training in teaching and managing them. Some sort of training is imparted in their teacher training program. These teachers are used by the government for many other non-teaching works like census, election duties, and many more. The teachers should be freed from such works and allowed to concentrate on the teaching.
    With the advent of computers and other gadgets in teaching, their job has become really difficult. They have to learn computer basics and software like M.S. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The government should concentrate on training the teachers in all necessary areas to improve the standards in education.

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    Some times the multi task capacity in a person especially teachers prevents them to do the needy work. There are portfolios. Though a teacher possess multi task capacity she cannot utilize her such capacity at a time, The teacher, instead should possess the real capacity which a teacher should possess. Teacher should understand the level of knowledge and understanding of each individual students and then only the level of students will come to a bright. If a teacher provided to handle multi tasking classes the care on the students will get deteriorated. In those days teachers are not this much qualified but the class strength was more than that of present. Though the teachers were great sculpture making artists. Now we are all thinking big, that too, for tiny children. Higher portions can be applied to the higher classes but for the basic classes that is to say upto fifth standard the basic needs of writing, reading, calculating are to be made strong in them. Lest, nowadays seventh standard student have the book of chemistry with chemical symbols, proton levels etc., Mathematics book consists of theorems as of then Pre university level. This can be understood only if we go through the book either as a parent or as a real teacher.

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    After the advent of net-information, children get to know a lot of information which were earlier obtained by formal education and teachers teaching.

    However it is wrong to assume that because of that the role of teachers has become avoidable or superfluous. In formal education in educational institutions, children are taught not just alphabets and numbers or to read and write and count, but they are given valuable lessons for their future life. This is done by the direct teaching by the teachers and/or by their indirect hints, suggestions and setting from their own exemplary behaviour.

    A lot of valuable lessons, otherwise not obtained from Google or net are obtained from the education in schools and colleges and from teachers' teaching.

    So while updating the technology for making their teaching easy and comfortable for them as well as for students the teachers should conserve their goodness and good behaviour and other values and get more depth and width in them so that they are able to really teach lessons for the students' future good life. Even when a teacher is not a multi-task expert, they need not feel bad, but they should ensure that they possess and exhibit good exemplary behaviour and live as examples, and be good guides and mentors, so that students take them seriously and wish to follow them as icons, for their future.

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