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    Understand whether we are progressing in life or only time is progressing.

    We are progressing continuously in our life because perhaps day and time are progressing, hour to day and day to a month, year increase and of course we also grow which also includes physical and mental growth. But still, we should keep looking at ourselves whether we are really moving forward or not. If we want, every day we can find many ways to make ourselves better than today, we can learn. But is everyone recognizing the value of every day? People are doing planning and these plans are made for years, but it should not be forgotten that every day of planning is important and if we want to move forward then it is necessary to move forward a little bit every day because most of us humans grow in the same way, we are the ones who move slowly. Some may find such a lucky or talented person who succeeds in a giant leap but not all. So adopt a progressive approach in your daily life and will get progress soon.
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    That's important and for that, we must introspect and see how far we progressed at the end of a specific time period. We all make plans and also note down the plans in bold letters but executing the plan is very important. To execute any plan one has to start and make progress in various steps. Here, the first step is very important. Many times we even do not take the first step and hence the plans remain unexecuted. Instead of making a lot of plans and not following them thereafter if we plan to make some progress each day on any given target then many times the progress may be much better.

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    While executing any job, planning is important and without that achievement of any goal is impossible. Our planning is normally done in yearly basis and so we least bother for a day if the rate of achievement has not been made up to the mark for the same day thereby allowing the same to be made up in the next day. Though occasionally relaxing our daily targets in this fashion does not matter much but consistent practice of not being serious on this front would lead to shortfall of the ultimate target. Achievement of target set for daily basis is essential if not achieving slightly more on a day. Maintaining consistency in terms of any work should be our first priority.

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    If we compare the time and our progress in tandem with it, surely everyone is lagging behind as the time as fixed course of action, no leave, no rest and no competition to it, where as we have to take and indulge in every course of action to initiate and finish with result oriented approach, and we sometime take rest and even take leave, thereby leaving away from the allotted time to finish the task, and some time our own error approach would sabotage the very chance of winning mode, and above all we are confronted with many competitors who try to pull our patience down and sometimes we resign from the scene and the task gone. So when we are better than yesterday that is a sure bit of progress to which we must feel elated and be happy on seeing others lagging behind when we progress even little bit.
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    All depends on the attitude of the individual. Some persons waste time and when some real important work comes they will find it difficult complete the work on time as planned. They start complaining about the time and they say that they are running short of time.At the same time, people who are having internet in the work and task try to be on job from the word go and do their best and see that attractive results will come and they will accomplish their goal. Such people will definitely come up in their lives and progress well
    I know a person who always used to spend his time in learning. He used to spend 15 to 16 hours per day in reading in the library. After completing the post graduation he went abroad for PhD in a very well established university and he became a professor there. He did an excellent work in his subject and obtained many awards.

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    A nice post by the author. It is said that time and tide never wait for anyone. Time is the most important factor in our lives. If we do not remain active in our lives then time will move ahead and we will be left just like that and will never be able to catch up with this mysterious entity called time.
    A proper utilisation of available time and a timely action is a great concept that many people follow and become successful in their lives.
    Understanding time and its value and then do our things in time is the main Mantra which we must adhere to and follow rigorously.
    Synchronising our activities with time and keeping them in resonance with its flow is a very difficult task but if we want to get success in our lives we have to attain that level of proficiency and then only it will be possible to achieve our objectives and perceived goals.

    Knowledge is power.

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