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    Erasing old markers to avoid confusion

    When we create a document or write a creative piece of writing like a story or article then we check it and correct it. When the document is lengthy many times we break or pause the activity and then again take it up for checking and correction at a later time. We generally put a flag or a note or a tab while pausing so that we may find out where we were during the last editing or correction phase. It is definitely a good habit to keep such flags or markers to find the place from where one has to start now. Everytime we take a break or pause we must do it to make it convenient to come back to the exact spot at a later time. But many times people forget to remove the old flags and then confusions start to arise and one finds oneself in an inconvenient position as not knowing which one is the true flag or marker. Have you ever faced such situation? Of course, it is advisable to remove and erase all the previous notes and markers or flags which might create confusions at a later time. What is your experience in this regard?
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    The author has mentioned the real happening among us when it comes to editing a particular matter and when we pause ,coming back to the same is difficult. Each one of us may or may not remember the last para editing done, and some times we even forget about the editing at all. What I do that I am having a small note book carried by me always and mention the important task in it so that nothing is missed and if the task is attended and done, the mention is rounded off. This way my old tasks get over without any pending or confusion. As regards to flags as suggested by the author, it is also a good move to remember the editing pending, editing done so far. But over the course of time we tend to forget the rules framed by ourselves and that is the reason we may not follow the same when it is required.
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    Generally, we will have one indicator tag fo the book if it is a bigger one and w can use that tag to mark where we stopped.In such a case, we will not have any confusion. If that tag is not provided and you are using multiple tags, you will have such a confusion. My habit is to use only one flag it can be shifted from place to place and we can use the same till we complete that book.
    I read some epics daily and my habit is to complete one chapter everyday. I keep one tag and I will shift from place to place and I will keep it at the end of the chapter that is completed that day. If we are stopping abruptly in the middle of the page or in the middle of the paragraph we may have to use a pencil to tick mark and erase the same once we restart. If we use ink for the same we can't erase the same and there may be some confusion.

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    Many times while editing my documents in laptop or mobile I had this problem because I forget to erase or delete the earlier flag and then it created confusion. Now I always take care and remove any flag or comment or note that I had put previously and which loses its significance once I had edited the document.
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