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    Let our life be open book, put the best words on first page

    For any book the first page represents the example or the sample of contents that we are going to read in the book. If first page sounds interesting, we may go for other pages and even try to finish the reading of entire book for sure in one go. Like wise let our life be open book, and put the best words on first page, as our initial years behavior during the life will have long standing influence on the entire life and our character. The children who have proven intelligent during their childhood would carry the same legacy and they would get more groomed in the subject of interest and thus become excellence in their own caliber.
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    The author has said a very beautiful thing, the opening pages of the book of life affected a lot because they make the outline of life. Many times we can see that the glimpse of the rituals which we got in childhood is included in our behavior somewhere. With this, it is not that we did not adopt new habits, but just as there is no similarity in every page of a book, but the purpose of the whole book is understood in its essence, in the same way, our behavior or thinking in different situations of life. A little change can happen, but the basic nature is stable.

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    Good thread. But I am a little greedy. I want to have best words on all the pages. When the first page is very good and if it continues to be good, we can complete the whole book very happily and with joy. The first page will make you to read the book up to some extent. But it can' take us to the last page. So I feel one should aim for the best words to continue in all the pages.
    In our lives we want to have all good experiences only. We will try for that. But sometimes we may have to face unwanted and unavoidable circumstances. Even then we should not lose our desire to be happy. As human beings we should always think of good to all.

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    'Life is an open book' is a well known metaphor and when you use it with reference to someone, it means that the person is honest and has no secrets about his life. I doubt whether your thread is saying the same thing. And I disagree with your analogy and also your averment that the words on the first page will form the base for the rest of your life. We know pious people who had later turned goons and also know criminals who reformed and became assets to the nation in different fields at a later stage. So, just like a book that may sound interesting in the first pages and turn to be boring in the later pages and vice-versa, life also has its twists and turns and one cannot simply rely on the first page only. To make your life interesting, inspirational and satisfactory, I think our endeavor should be to put the best words on all the pages.

    If we connect it to ISC, I would say that just giving an attractive title may draw the initial attention of the readers but they will be dissatisfied if the content is not equally rich and interesting.

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    It is very true that from the description and index on the first page many readers will get attracted to a book or document. But if the inside material then does not match with the preface and the cover of the book then the reader will not be happy and his experience with that writer would also be bad one. A consistency is required in the whole presentation from start to end. The interesting thing is that many good books have a very impressive face and people find the inside also equally interesting and that impresses the reader much. So, this metaphor must have come from such books only.
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    And for Saji, the expectation is more but Google team has the answer for him.
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    Mohan, what does it imply? And did I ask any questions?
    'Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.' -Zig Ziglar

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    The author wanted to give wonderful content. But in my opinion, it didn't come out pretty well. As mentioned by Saji, I also feel some contradictions on this heading and the content part. Your title has two parts. One is "Let our life be open book". It means that we should be transparent people with no secrecy. Let our life be open book so that others can read it without any interruptions. The second part of the title says "put the best words on first-page". And I feel your thread mainly revolves around this second part. You have mentioned that the first page means the content page and it has only the titles of each chapter of the book. From that, I personally feel, no one can understand the meaning of each chapter title unless they have read that particular chapter themselves. So putting the best words on the first page if that's just the content page and the statement "life being an open book" doesn't feel connected to each other.

    As Saji pointed out, I do oppose slightly the statement which states that "our initial years' behavior during the life will have a long-standing influence on the entire life and our character". It doesn't need to be that way. There are so many examples in the world that some intelligent or well-behaved people later turned out to be behind jail bars and some people with tough pasts have turned out to be better persons when life progressed to its later parts. So there is no order in life. Anything can happen anywhere. So even if a book has an interesting title or first page, that doesn't mean it will be an interesting read and vice versa.

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