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    What kind of books you want to read- short, average or medium size ?

    Many of the authors of this site are surely having the habit of reading books. Some may read the novels, some may like adventure books, some want fairy tales, and some elders want to go for epic reading and so on. When it comes to children the comic characters and jokes are most read. But what kind of books you want to read- short, average or medium size ? Some books are very short as they carry one small story and finish the book. Some have collections of stories and have some average pages. And some are very fat books which need continued reading to have grip over the subject. Any comment ?
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    I like to read non-fiction books, when I am talking about non-fiction it does not matter what is the size or number of pages of a book. But yes the cover page of a book really attracts me, it's not like that I have read only those books that have decorated with a beautiful cover only but I also go through the short content, then only I buy any book. Apart from that sometimes I choose books from others reviews also, especially who choice is quite similar to mine. Initially, when I started reading books I prefer only Hindi books but after some time I have also started reading in English too.

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    I can't read large size books.When I see the book I feel I can't complete that book. So I think twice before starting. I prefer reading short books or stories. I read more books from my mother tongue that is Telugu. Some poetry and prose also I read. English books also I read but less in number.
    Generally my habit is to read the preface of the book and if any review is published that also I will read. Then based on the impression I get I will start the book or otherwise. For me it takes more time to complete the book as in between I will be getting disturbed with other works and I may not spare more time for the same.

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    Generally, I am not worried by the thickness or the number of pages in a book as I am more interested to find out whether it is of interest to me or not. Earlier my interests were reading short stories as I was interested to write some short stories myself and after reading a large number of short stories somehow I learnt some basics of writing short stories which are now getting published in some related niche sites. Once that was over I switched to reading books on the history of evolution of humans on the Earth and geographical distribution of genetic codes which evolved different human races in the world. That interest is still going on and if I get hold of some book or literature on that I try to read it irrespective of its length. Then there are some books which deal with the mysteries of nature and environment surrounding us and that also interests me much.
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