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    Where can i find a forum to find the names of movies that I have forgotten?

    Where can i find a forum to find the names of movies that I have forgotten? There are some movies from which i remember only certain plot points and scenes. Does anyone know a place I can discuss them?
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    Johnny, welcome to this site as a new member and it seems you are interested to discuss on movies and make reviews. There is no particular section in this site for the purpose but you can use this forum effectively to review the same if needed. Meanwhile having joined as the new member, please go through the help topics and posting guidelines so that you will get better idea of this site functioning and also read the respond to so many threads that have been hoisted by our members and over the course of time you will understand the full working process of this site. The main feature of our channel is to give the opportunity to learn and earn in the process and therefore be known that your words written here would bring the money and brace up to use the opportunity to earn some decent amount.
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    Welcome to ISC forum. You might be aware that this is basically an educational site where one can contribute articles and other information regarding educational institutes, admissions, careers, courses, etc and in forum section we have discussions on a variety of subjects including the educational matters also.
    Occasionally, we will have some forum discussions regarding the film and movie industry and their products around us. Your query seems to be a specific one for which probably you will have to go to some search engines like Google and then find the sites where this specialised information could be found. Give a good search string and it would definitely display sites where such thing could be possible.
    Meanwhile, I welcome you to go through the contents here in various sections and if you like them then try to contribute and in that process learn, improve, and earn also. All the best.

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    As far as my knowledge goes, the Google search only can help you. Probably we have to try with details we remember. For example, you remember the hero and heroine of the movie. You can try using that information on You can search for various movies in which these two actors played the hero and heroine. Definitely, you will get the list of movies in which that pair acted and when you see the names definitely you will remember the name easily.
    Similarly, if you remember the production house which made that movie you can search on any search engine using that information. But if you remember the only story line it will take some time to come to a correct understanding of the way in which you have to conduct the search.

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