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    For every Aurangazeb there was a Shivaji- PM Made this observation- discuss

    While dedicating the Varanasi corridor to the nation, PM Modi has made a starling comment that for every Aurangazeb there was a Shivaji. which implied that whenever the bad heads started bringing disregard, dishonor and even bad name to the country, there was some one who stood strong and chased them back not giving chance to achieve their ugly motives. Even in the present context also this observation holds good because every good work of the government is not taken into right spirit and instead of giving suggestion to improvise, the criticism to shelve the very idea was more. Any comment ?
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    If we see the history of India then we will find that there were many instances when the invaders came from the other parts of the world and attacked India and looted the temples and kingdoms here and took away the wealth with them back to their country of origin. Later they thought why not to rule India instead of coming every time and looting and then going back. So from that the Moghal rule in India started from the time of the invader called Babur.
    These invaders found that Indians were very peace loving people and never wanted to fight even with the enemy. So these invaders took advantage of the fact and ruled here happily. But there were some brave people like Rana Pratap and Shivaji who gave these evil forces a tough time.
    Our PM has simply said that we have to resist against these evil forces like some of our great Indian kings did. He is simply awakening the spirit of sleeping Indians.

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    Definitely when there is a need a person will come up and save the nation. When the British were trying to loot the country, many freedom fighters like Gandhiji resisted them and fought with them and Indians obtained freedom. Similarly when some invaders tried to rule the country and loot the country some people rose to the occasion fought with them and saved the country. We should consider such people as our role models and we should fight with the anti-nationals who are trying to destabilise the country. This is what probably our PM is trying to convey to the present generation.
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    I guess politicians should avoid using historical references which can alienate one community over the other. As both, the rulers mentioned were part of Indian History and Indian rulers, no one was invader here as both were fighting for their own territories. During the ancient times, no such geography existed which can be called a nation like in the present context but territories of various rulers. Babur can be called invaders but not the later Mughal rulers as they completely adapted to Indian ways of lifestyles, unlike Britishers who never considered India to be their homeland and had only one objective to earn more and more through loot and plunder. No doubt Aurangjeb was a bigoted ruler but using such historical references to win over one section of society is a wrong thing for any politician to do.
    It is in no way represents the win of good over evil or vice versa. At one point in time, both the rulers came to the negotiating tables for the agreements but had differences, they were never fighting for good or evil or anything else but just for their own territorial sovereignty.

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    If we look carefully, this observation has always been a part of the politics of the country. Even before this, whatever ruling party has been there, there has been condemnation about the actions of everyone, many governments came and gone and they gain both appreciation and criticism for their work. As far as the present goverment is concerned it also gives a better environment for the country's citizens but at the same time, some works are not appreciable by common people. Aurangzeb was also a great leader when we read in history but dictatorship never lasts long, be it ancient history or modern history, so I think our leader should learn from our history.

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