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    Do you wait for others or want to be the first responder?

    We are responding to many forum posts during our forum discussions and many members are joining the discussions in a particular form post as per their interest, liking, and choice. I was observing that sometimes we respond to a post quickly before any other member could make a response but some other times we respond to it after seeing the responses of other members. It might not be intentional but it happens time to time when we respond to the forum posts in the forum section. What is your experience in this? Do you respond to a post after reading some initial responses or you just grab it and want to become the first responder? Does it depend on the type of post and you decide this 'when to respond' thing accordingly? Please share your thoughts about it.
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    I usually respond to almost all the topics if the content interests me and I know the issue of the message. The first reason is I want to develop my English skills as what a person learns is just a drop in the ocean and the learning experience should continue till his all organs and especially the brain should be active. As I am hale and hearty with the blessings of almighty ,I will post in the forum of ISC be my post be the top on or bottom one

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    There is no pattern for me in responding to each forum thread. Sometimes the reaction is solely for the purpose of gaining points. Isn't it true that high-quality material will earn you the most points? As a result, I'll be writing the responses to earn points. I find it challenging to start a forum discussion because we will be accountable for making follow-ups on the responses we receive. I prefer to respond to the forums since it comes with that duty.

    Then, every now and then, I'll come across some interesting posts or interesting comments to threads. That might pique my interest. It can sometimes bring out the debater in me. In such instances, regardless of the points, I will not hesitate to express my views.

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    Many a times my response was the first to any post for many reasons. That our authors make their submission late in the evening say after 10 pm or 11 pm and when I wake up at 4..30 am obviously my response would be first and foremost. By the way most of the topic are already familiar for me by virtue of 13 years experience in this site and on seeing the post my answers keep flowing as within few minutes the answer would be ready and posted. I always love to raise new posts daily but the quota is limited for 15 posts in 5 days. Sometimes my response is towed by others and agreed and that gives greater satisfaction. One thing is sure we cannot respond as first for the sake of being first without knowledge and without satisfying reply then authors would rebute and even take on us. So it is not that easy to reply first as thought and even tried by many.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Members who are more active in the forum section will definitely not wait for others responses, they respond as soon as they logged in but sometimes some third may not be interested in authors to respond or maybe do not get what exactly the thread message is, so it may possible for others responses. For me, I follow the same when I see a thread that also sounds interesting for me and I have content in my mind to share for the same topic, I do not wait for others' response.

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    I have no choice for that. That depends on the position when I opened the thread. I have no habit of logging in in the mornings generally. So many times my post may not be the first. But sometimes it may happen my post will be the first. I read the responses given by others and try then post my views. That is why it takes a long time for me to complete the work on this section. Probably people may be eager to respond immediately if they like the subject. I don't know. Sometimes we will see some posts without any replies also. The reasons are not known. If I want to respond as a first respondent for the threads I have to be online for a long time and it may not be possible for many to be here for a long time.
    One advantage here is the subjects that are being discussed are limitless and we have the chance to learn many things by reading these threads and responding to them.

    always confident

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    Generally I also take those posts first which interest me and become the first or second responder and by the time I come to the other posts, there are many responses already made by other members and I become the third or fourth responder in such posts.
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    Many of you feel that waiting for others opinion to post is not a good idea. In my view,if you know the subject,you should reply instantly rather skirting the idea of replying immediately. For example,there a post related to grandchildren and grandparent relationship. I didn't like the grandchildren disrespecting the elderly ones and when the childern were being corrected by them,their parents insult them in fron of their kids which does much harm to their kids .But there still some children who are kind and respectful and correct their parents about their mis behaviour making their parents even more angry. Therefore,I am of the opinion that we should always try to answer as sson as you read a post in the forum section and try to be number ono.

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    For me, if I find the topic very interesting I don't really think about whether I am the first responder or not in the case of forum posts and ongoing discussions. But when it comes to story writing competition if the story comes to my mind instantly I write it down and post no matter in what order but if does not strike I wait for others to respond to get a better understanding. At times I have also observed that I did not particularly like the forum post but comments and responses were interesting so I also responded but that rarely happens.
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    If waiting for others to post and then respond is not a good idea because you already got inputs and clues from the responses and making a small make over from your side, it is easy to reply to the post. But first reply is always great and considered as good and even bench mark for the post. That is the reason being so the ISC also gives cash credit for being the first responder. Not that our members are not capable of writing good content, their wait for others and then respond seems to be taking some cushion and be caution as any respond would earn the wrath of author and other members. But I feel if the thread is appealing to me and know something to write, I would certainly append my response not withstanding whether the author agrees to it or not. However my responses are taken and no comments made.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mohan, cash credits or enhanced points are not given to responses just because they have been posted first. It is based on the relevance and the overall quality.

    And what is all that about earning the wrath of the authors or previous responders? Forum is a platform to express your views freely and in doing so, one need not consider the reaction of others. But yes, you should be in a position to answer if a counter response is posted. And, all said and done, your content should be within the permissible limits envisaged in the guidelines.

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