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    Anything in excess becomes a burden after a time.

    Excess of anything is bad and it is about both non-living or living things. The same thing applies to emotions, whether it is anger or love, everyone has a limit and many times one has to face problems due to being excessive.

    Today here I am talking about a new example which is related to the applications installed on the mobile. We are seeing how technology is progressing and new apps are lounging day by day. We do not know every app, but still, we have to keep some important apps on our mobile. I have seen that some people often download apps and then after some time delete them and download new apps, this process keeps going on.

    Some people have so many apps on their mobile that they don't know when they open the mobile and see every app for one to two hours. Social media is important to connect with people and also for jobs, but when you have too many apps on mobile, then you give yourself a chance to increase stress, and later these apps start to be a burden on you.
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    In Tamil there is a great saying that anything excess is considered to be poison. For every work and talk there is a time limit and quantity and anything done excess of it would be considered as waste. Even at office when we try to do extra things the management would not be agreeing because they presume that we are doing over smart in front of them. And we can satisfy a human being by offering a food to his taste and he would certainly be happy for having offered good food and would bless us. And if we give money he would say that he wanted more and keep on asking us. Excess matter which we are talking is not considered here because man always wanted more money and more money. Talking about more apps on the cell phone it is the foolish thing to add mini apps which are not required at all and then repenting were not attending them. So so we have to behave ourselves on the matter.
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    There is a saying in sanskrit that says - Ati sarvatra varjayet. It means that excess of everything is to be avoided. It is very true that we have to control ourselves in making excessive indulgences in any thing whether it is the enjoyment or any other thing in our lives. A controlled and orderly life is the ultimate thing that can make us happy and contented. People have a general notion that we must enjoy the life to the fullest as this life is for a short period and we would not get this chance again. But they forget that excessive enjoyment will also result in some adverse situation due to various reasons which do not come in our minds beforehand and then the sufferings start. It is better to control our desires before we start suffering in our lives.
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    That is true. We should avoid excessive indulgence in any issue. When we lift a weight we will not feel the exact weight immediately. But slowly we start feeling the excessive weight. While climbing the stairs in Vaishnavi Devi temple initially the water bottle in my hand is not heavy for me. But by the time I finished half of the stairs the water bottle became very heavy.
    Today it may not be excess for you but tomorrow it may be. So one should understand and stop where they have to stop and we should not go beyond that.
    Spending more and more time on social media is also like that only. We will get habituated to seeing that and after a while, we understand that we got addicted to that. So we should be always careful.

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    In Tamil there is a proverb, 'Alavirku minjinaal amirthamum visham' which means the nectar itself a poison if we take more than a limit. People accumulates abundant wealth more than their multiple limit will get suffer later. I read a story in this connection. A business man charged by the taxing authorities for accumulating wealth by cheating his employees etc., He brought before the Judge in the court of law. Judge delayed calling him for hearing. After some hours he called him. Judge asked him whether he was provided anything to eat since morning. The man said 'no', Judge asked the court person to offer him five idlies and asked the business man to eat them by sitting inside the court hall itself. Since the person was felt hungry he tried to eat but not more than three idlies. Judge called him and asked why he left two idlies balance back. The business man told he was unable to eat more than that. Judge replied him, 'Sir! You are unable to eat an idly over three but what you are going to get from the accumulated wealth by cheating others?' The man felt ashamed. Similar thing will happen to those who have anything excess, presently according to him this is pleasure but later it becomes a burden.

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