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    The real definition of the online media industry.

    Online media is probably not a new word for us because ever since the world of the internet has started expanding then the word online has become a part of life that is connecting everyone. The word media simply means, through which information is easily shared. Now a new term which has formed from these is the online media industry or online media company. After all, its simple meaning seems to be that such a business is giving you information or services online. But is the work of the online media industry limited to this? After all, this field is part of the internet world and nothing is limited in the internet world, so are the functions of online media industries also unlimited. I want to know from the authors of ISC that if you have any information about this topic, then please share.

    Should do all of us writers consider ourselves a part of the online media industry?
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    For that matter media is nothing but news views and sharing video content what happened right now and only for this reason the media industry is serving. We have seen that many YouTube channels have come up with story videos and that are very impressive and also informative. But there has been misuse of online media industry giving wrong information to us which are also fake news which are not confirming to our liking. Therefore we should not trust all those online media which have been started in the recent past. But there are very good online media which are giving breaking news and views on current happenings across the country and globe. It all depends on our decision astu which online media is more reliable and good. In fact the authors of India study channel aur also considered online media because we are also sharing daily post various matter. Therefore we are also want to take ample precaution before posting any thread.
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    Online media is the version of news and journalism in internet and it is nothing but a digitised form of print media. The only thing is that the presentation is different and advertisement filling is done in a technological ways as more options of managing and presenting the data are available online. In print media there are no facilities of using the data directly or sharing it but in online media the options are many and the reader can use or share the data in a myriads of ways sometimes simply depending on ones imaginations, innovative, and creative ways.
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    I think online media is nothing but media only. But the presenting platform is different. The job of media is to convey news about various happenings around the world to the general public. There may be direct news reporting. There may be some analysis also. Earlier days these we are seeing in print media. Later on, digital versions came and then social media. The advantage of this online media is you can report the happenings quickly and you need not wait for the printing and delivering them. That is making online media very attractive.
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    All the media which are available online can be termed online media. The term is used collectively for those industries that broadcast as well as publish content, news, etc. When the publishing and broadcasting are done online we can easily call it online media. Many popular news channels that you see on television are also available online as they broadcast the news online too. Whoever is associated with publishing/broadcasting information online is a part of online media. If you are associated with any such online media then definitely you are also a part of this industry.

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