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    A fault confessed is half redressed.

    Every single one of us is a human being. It is entirely natural for humans to make errors. We've all made some sort of mistake at some point in our lives. There is no one who has never made a mistake. However, once we recognize that we have made a mistake, we must be willing to accept it. When we admit or confess a mistake, we are indicating that we are willing to remedy it. If we don't want to confess we're wrong, it merely shows we're not willing or ready to make amends. Accepting a flaw makes self-correction simpler because we have come a long way in correcting it. It is hard to make things right without admitting a mistake. As a result, the first step towards repairing ourselves is to admit that we made a mistake. Only the most open-minded individuals are capable of admitting their errors. Those who admit their mistakes are respected and appreciated.
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    Confession of fault is great trait and by repenting it is made known to others that we are regretting for mistake and that is half confessed. And by doing so we are giving offer to adjustment and agree to go for damage control exercise. By not confessing we are actually escalating the problem to next level. And we should not think that it is below our strature to agree and that should not be considered as our weakness. Mind it as others are also watching our moves and any flip flop would bring more bad name to us. Always initiate to bring any changes without others asking or pressuring us. One more thing when we are capable of handling the issue then why postpone or shying away. We also become humble and sorry for those who come down to accept their mistakes. So next time be forthright in admitting a mistake without asking for.
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    This is the subject that we discussed many times on this forum. To err is human. But knowing our mistakes and trying to correct them and not doing the same should also be important. Accepting the mistakes is a really great thing and many people try to show some silly reason for the mistake happening and try to throw the blame on to somebody else. When we did a mistake, it is our duty to accept that we have done a mistake and asking for an excuse is a brave act.
    Once you accept your mistake, half of your burden is gone and you can think about how to rectify the same. Confessing the mistake and not doing it again should be the best way of reacting to our mistakes.
    But many people never do that. Especially on the professional front, the big bosses try to make somebody the scapegoat for the mistakes they did. Juniors may not be able to raise their voice.

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    I agree with the point made by the author in this forum that we do make mistakes at one or the other point of life and we know it as well. But after the acceptance of our mistakes comes the part of making the correct and if that's not possible to not repeat that mistake again this is the way we learn and grow. But those who are not willing to change their ways despite knowing what is wrong with their ways are the ones who are not able to adapt, change and be better human beings.
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    Yes, I totally agree with the author, making mistakes is very common for a human and it's quite normal too, but after admitting mistakes one should have the courage to accept his/her, mistakes. Sometimes people start to cover up their mistakes and start blaming others or situations of their life even sometimes the god. Apart from blaming others when people start to accept their mistakes then only they got a chance to improve themselves. If you continue to cover up your mistakes will not learn anything from them, cause mistakes are the biggest teacher to improve itself.

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