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    How often you dispose off waste materials at home ?

    After the advent of pandemic the maintenance of house has become more compulsion for many thanks to spare time available to discard unwanted things. Taking advantage of this the waste materials collection vendor has been moving in vehicle to take anything from old paper to old cycle. So this made many households to clean their homes regularly and dispose of waste things. But do not waste old clothes as there are many waiting for clothes and we can keep the same outside as they would take for themselves. How often you are disposing the wastes ?
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    There will be different types of wastes we are generating in the house. Wet waste and dry waste are the two types and the TS government has given two plastic bins to every family to collect these two wastes in those bins. The waste collector will come once in two days and will take the material. We will be paying him Rs.100/- per family per month.
    Old newspapers, old clothes etc, can be kept separately and once accumulated we can dispose of it. We have stopped purchasing newspapers and there is no old papers accumulation. Old clothes will be taken away by our servant maid. She may be using or giving them to somebody else. We never ask her for those details. We keep these old items in a separate place and my wife will be clearing all these items at least once a month without fail. Some may not regularly dispose and there will be a lot of accumulation which is not advisable and the cleanliness of the house may get affected.

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    While living in a SAIL colony in Bokaro Steel City, the management has delegated the task of disposing of the waste materials through the cleaning contractors. These contractors have their own areas in the different sectors where their workmen are operating in the collection of both dry and wet wastes. This is being done regularly to keep the premises clean.
    Dry wastes form the newspaper and other magazines kept outside the residence and these materials after their collection goes to the vendors for its final retrieval. We do have sets of old clothes but we keep them especially for the maid taking the same for their kids. She is obliged with us for such donations.

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    Old clothes and some other old items in working conditions we are generally giving to some agencies coming from NGO or orphanage organisations. Other than that we are giving the old and waste material to the waste material collection vendor once in two months or like that.
    Earlier we were not generating much waste but now due to the disposable items and use and throw mentality and low quality of items we are getting, more and more waste is being generated in our households. So we have to dispose it more frequently than we were doing in earlier times. Actually many of old items can be recycled nicely and new products can be produced but unfortunately our recycling capacity is very less in comparison to the waste we produce.

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    That different types of waste come out in a house, out of which every waste is not such that it should be separated, nothing but many wastes can be of use to others and we should keep this in mind. Sometimes some people also put the remaining food in the dustbin of the garbage, by doing this neither the food is fit to satisfy the hunger of the hungry and there is a waste of food. The same clothes should also be given in such a way that it is fit to wear, such clothes which have been spoiled in a bad way should not be given to any person.

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    Disposing the waste items is a great thing. As for as the youngsters of present era concerned, they considers as a waste whatever which are not required for them presently. We have to think more than twice before disposing a item as waste. As the author told, the disposal of waste news papers and books can be disposed off when we hear a voice from person collecting waste papers etc., in the street as it reduces the carrying problem, which is mainly make us to postpone. Similarly there is a saying 'paarkkatha pandam paazh' which means if a thing kept unnoticed it will get spoiled. Many things we are disposing as waste as we kept unnoticed. We disposed out a packet of bread and chapatis as kept in the refrigerator unnoticed.

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