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    Have you ever experienced crossing river on a wooden bridge or tree ?

    If you visit interior villages of Tamil Nadu, the school children would have lots of fun and also face the risk of crossing the flowing river as they need to take extra precaution by using the make over wooden bridge or a big tree just cut and put across the river to make temporary crossing arrangements. Even today the accessibility to many villages are not there and they have to cross the river for any requirement or even assistance. My father used to tell us that many a time they lost the books into the river while crossing the bridge precariously balancing on a tree. Have you ever experienced crossing river on a wooden bridge or tree ?
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    Yes. In Kumbakonam, a city in Tamilnadu I crossed river cauvery through a wooden bridge. In the year 1967, I went there to our relative's house. Our relative uncle was owning a cinema touring talkies. He took me in his motorbike through the wooden bridge. As it was exciting one to me, next day I went there without informing any in the house and crossed the river through the woods bridge by f9ot twice and returned silently.

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    Yes, my father also belongs to Kumbakonam and he used to tell this.
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    Crossing a river with a wooden bridge or a tree? I don't think one can cross a river with the wooden pieces laid across the two shores. We may have to have a well-constructed bridge or a small boat to cross. But there will be many small canals through which water will be flowing to the fields. There will be canals on both the sides of the roads and on the other side of the canals, there will be fields and villages. I crossed many such canals many times using a wooden piece laid across the canals. From our village to go to our school we used to walk one kilometre. But there was a short cut and there was a canal and a tree trunk is laid across the canal for people to cross over. We used to use that way to go to school which is closer and we used to walk about 750 meters. But my father used to warn me not to use that way as the road is not very good and crossing the canal on that tree trunk is risky.
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    Yes. My early childhood was spent in a village. At many places we needed to cross small rivulets or water channels to the fields. For crossing there were no concrete bridges. Either there will be some wooden bridge or some logs of wood will be placed across. But everyone was accustomed to it and used it with ease then.

    In my present town, a couple of kilometers from my home the road had a wooden bridge. Hence there was no motor vehicle service then. Only bullock carts and bicycles could cross that wooden bridge. It was much later that a concrete bridge was constructed and heavy motor vehicles started plying on that road.

    I used to enjoy bicycle ride on that bridge as it used to give a unique sound and noise when the wooden planks of the bridge used to shake by the movement.

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