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    Toxic people often make everything around them toxic as well.

    There are people in our lives who think they are very cool, funny and loved by everyone because of their instant comebacks and witty reply. But in actuality, all they do is demotivate, discourage and often ruin peoples whole mood. Very few people are out there who understand the fine line between this toxicity and being really funny. One can be funny without making hurtful jokes, vulgar sarcasm, making fun of body types,people's face and life decisions. But not these toxic people who live in a wonderland of their own utopian where they are the most loved ones and they are super funny. And when you often give them a taste of their own medicine by being sarcastic in the same manner they are they get offended. They don't have this ability to take the joke which they throw at other people casually. I guess everyone meets such people on the daily basis, It is just that no one points out their toxicity that's why they keep becoming more and more toxic every day. Have you come across such toxic people in your life who don't really know they are toxic?
    What was your reaction to their pointless humour?
    Do you find such people funny? or point out fault lines in their ways of living.
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    I don't know whether we have to call them toxic or not. There are people who easily pass jokes on others but when others pass jokes on them, they will get upset. That is the nature of those people. Their maturity levels will be less. They think they are the perfect people. So if anybody talks anything different about them, they can't digest. I have seen many people like that.
    When such people say something if we try to correct them and try to say where is the mistake they feel upset and stop talking. We can see their feelings on their face easily. We should stop caring for such people and we should go ahead with our own agenda.

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    When you know something is toxic I am sure you will be cautious about it and will try to avoid it in every possible way. When you do not like certain behaviour of some people it is better to avoid such people as much as possible. Different people will think differently and you cannot do anything other than control your own thoughts. I think some people tried to point out such things and when they found no change in the behaviour they started avoiding such persons. There will be various people under various situations and we need to manage them tactfully.

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    There is a very saying that thinks before speak but most people do not value the same thing. If people understand the value of their word they will not go them vain and speak less but what is needed. They just want to say whatever they feel at the moment and even many times they also feel regret after saying something which spoils the whole environment around them. If it happens rarely then it may ok but when people start doing such behavior simultaneously then it becomes a problem for themselves and slowly others avoid being with them.

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