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    Sometimes genuine suggestions also badly commented

    I read in one weekly magazine, a reader wrote that once she visited a relative's house with her husband. By seeing her husband's suffering due to back pain, that relative suggested a tablet for that as he got recovered from similar pain. Then when she visited a doctor for treatment, that doctor advised not to use that tablet.
    This reader wrote this incident in the magazine and commented badly on such person who suggested.
    It is in practice to give suggestions to close people out of affection and care on them. But the receiving persons need not adhere such suggestions but could consult their doctor. Blowing bad comments on such persons or criticising such suggestions should be avoided is not correct.
    Such suggestions will come from those who really have affection.
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    It is normal to suggest something when we hear something about the issues the others are facing. But whether to implement them or not is the choice of the individual. But criticising the persons who suggested something is not correct.
    When the issues of health and medicine come, it is not advisable to suggest specific medicines to the patient is not a correct trait. When we are not qualified person we can tell them our experiences but we need not suggest medication.
    That is why many people never give advice when they are not asked for it. Even though their intentions are good and we really want to help them, how they receive it is the question and we are not clear about their mind. In such issues, we should keep silent instead of giving unwanted suggestions.

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    Rightly said by the author, I agree that we should not take any medicine without the advice of an expert but it happens many times when we feel not good or suffering from any health issue our acquaintances give us advice for the treatment and even many times they suggest some home remedies or medicine to take to cure the problem. But it's completely up to us should follow the same advice or not. Blaming advisers in such a manner is not a good thing. If you do not want to follow then do not buy medicine just thank them for their careful advice and go with an expert.

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    Normally the doctors are against self medication and in this case it was suggested by other person who is not even doctor and thus got annoyed and said no to the medicine. Every doctor is not the authority on medicine as they only prescribe and not use the same personally. But in this case the friend has suggested the best medicine to which the other friend should have either purchased the medicine or kept quite. But by referring to doctor and then sharing in the magazine, the matter has gone bad to worse and even got debated here. Surely I am against giving comment on any suggestion because those who have gone through the matter only can give best suggestions and therefore we should not ignore such tips. Moreover it all depends on our wish and will either to accept the suggestions or not.
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    People will like to share their experience with others and may cite the same when others have also similar situations.
    So when another person mentions about a health issue he is having, the other person who had experienced same or similar issue may be prompted to suggest remedies which gave him relief. The first person has the freedom to keep it as only a information or follow it as such.
    But it is always prudent to consult a qualified doctor rather than doin self medication on someone's suggestion. However it may not be wrong or may be even beneficial if that pertains to some external by applications and ayurvedic medicines not having any side effects. The choice and decision is left to the person.

    There is no need to blame the person who suggested it when there is no positive effect.

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    In close relationships among relatives this type of things happen frequently. Everyone tries to advise other person with his or her experiences regarding the medicines or remedies taken by that individual in the past for getting cure from a similar ailment. But we should not take it very seriously. Different people might be suffering from different ailments in spite of having similar symptoms so the medicine which has benefited a particular person need not to be useful for another person. We should always patiently hear what other people are advising us but we should not take any medicine without confirming it from our doctor. Medical Science is a very complicated science and even doctors do mistakes in prescribing the correct medicines so what the ordinary person will be doing in such cases can be understood easily.
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    Whether a suggestion is genuine or not will be understood only if it is implemented and in this case, when it was not implemented can we say it is a genuine suggestion? This type of thing happens at times and people feel bad about it. We give suggestions thinking that the other person may benefit from it but we also need to keep in mind that if the desired result is not found after following the suggestion the other person can say something. It is expected that people should not use comments/words to hurt the feelings of others but there are people who may do it intentionally thinking their action will teach a lesson to the other. After facing such things one becomes cautious before providing any suggestion.

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