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    Making children have food is very difficult these days

    We have to eat food to make our living. Grown-up people will know what to eat, when to eat, how to eat and how much to eat. There is no necessity for others to tell them to eat or make them eat. They eat whatever they like as and when it is required.
    But Kids who are in their early ages including 5 to 6 years aged kids also will not understand the necessity of eating. They like playing, watching TV or spending time with phones but never show interest in eating. If we keep silent they will not eat and after some time their hunger increases they start crying. That is why parents try to feed them as per a certain timetable.
    But these children will not easily eat and they start playing with their mothers and if she shouts they start crying. So she has to slowly make them understand, tell them some convincing words and stories and see that they eat sufficiently.
    My daughters-in-law spend at least one or two hours feeding one kid. They will get exhausted by the time their children complete their lunch or dinner.
    I think the experiences of other members are also similar.
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    The author's observation is absolutely right, as long as we were children, we remember that we did not have to persuade for food, but in today's generation, most people have the same problem that their children do not eat well. The biggest reason for this is also the bad habits of children. Children have started demanding food, this demand is not food but other conditions like not eating food without TV, demanding more junk food in food, not eating in between when playing a game on mobile. Mobile has also become a problem, where children are busy either watching games or videos. In some cases, parents also make mistakes and go on fulfilling the arbitrariness of the children, after that, they also repent. This remains a big problem and it is the responsibility of the family to find a solution for it. Healthy food is the first need for a healthy life.

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    In some places the reason for such thing falls on parents. In one house I am seeing that the mother of a eleven years old child do not prepare any tiffin in the morning even for the children as her husband do not take anything in the morning except some porridge due to his diabetic. She took the balance of porridge in the morning. This child as she do not like porridge politely going to school without any breakfast. In other times also she, the mother makes the items as she interested and the husband adjust with his wife's preparation. As the child do not like the items she refused to take anything but with little rice. Without preparing anything for the children the mother complaints to others that her daughter do not take any breakfast in spite of calling many times. Most of the hours the television is running when eating, so the diversion makes lack interest in food.

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    After reading this post my thoughts went to our parents who were having eight children and yet never faced the problem of giving food to the kids. What my parents habituated us is to put the items on the plate and keep before us so that we create the habit of eating by self. First the try was made with Murmural or bhel and the children would eat with fun but the habit has been created. But modern mothers does not know the trick and they spend too much time on feeding the kid. And the mothers also fail to make the tasty food to the like of kids and they try to force eating of adult food to which the children would play the tantrums. Fortunately we never felt uneasy or spent too much time on feeding our two children as they used to eat with me in sitting posture on the ground no matter they spill the food initially.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I have a very clear and different take on this matter- feeding children or children's eating habits.
    It is very rare to see a mother not worrying or complaining about her child's eating. No mother will admit that her child eats well. And that is her everyday worry for many years too.
    But what I can say from my experience is that most mothers feed their children when the children are not at all hungry. Mothers also feed their children foods which they feel good, but children have their own likes and dislikes. Many times mothers do not know how much food the child needs too.

    To be frank, in my home we never had any complaints about our son in this regard. I have to say thanks to the pediatric doctor whom we used to consult for our son . When our son was even less than six months old, this doctor told us to feed a full green ripe banana(in some places it is called Robusta). Though we had initial hesitation, by his encouragement and persuasion we started that. Our son used to eat that full banana even then, relishing it. Then he(doctor) told us to familiarise our child to all different tastes and asked us to allow him to eat sitting along with us when we took our meals. So we had to preform the 'Annapraasna' ceremony at the earliest allowed time. From then on we used to keep him along our side when we took meals, and soon he started to take food from plate on his own.

    Children like to be like elders - even in food eating also. So let them take food along with parents .Let them take the same foods elders eat. But if you have to keep less spice etc for them, do so by taking care that there is no difference in appearance or smell.

    Give children variety foods. Even the common daily foods can be prepared with some variety and innovation. For example, you can prepare Idli, Dosa, Chapathi etcin different shapes like alphabets, animals like etc. You can add colour by adding carrot pieces, beetroot etc. or as per your creative imagination and experience. Children cannot enjoy the stereotype distasteful, insipid, foods. Once in a while allow them to have the bakery type foods also., preferably made at home.

    In this regard I invite your attention to my comment dated 03May 2016 to this article

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