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    Can women judges deliver faster judgement than men ?

    It is good to note that our new CJI Ramana as become a reformer like late TN Seshan for the Supreme court, as he want to bring far reaching changes in the working style of the apex court as he has now proposed to have 50 percent of seats be allocated to women judges than men, probably thinking that women have the tendency to clear the works faster than men and so many cases pending in the SC would be cleared on war footing. More women power is in offing and this would be greatly appreciated by the women lawyers. Can women judges deliver faster judgement than men ?
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    I don't have any basis either to say yes or no to the statement made by the author. Even now also there are many female judges working in various courts in the country. Is there any survey or any news in which it was mentioned that Lady judges are able to clear the cases early? In the absence of such information, I don't think we are not supposed to make such statements.
    The CJI might have told about giving 50% of the judge posts to give importance to women empowerment. But I have not read anywhere that CJI made an observation about the fast working of the women,
    It is not a male Judge or a female Judge who makes the difference. It is the system that speaks about. So One should see where is the bottleneck and why the cases are getting delayed. That problem is to be identified and cleared so that the system will improve.

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    The CJI has just proposed an increase in the number of women judges in the High Courts and the Supreme Court since the representation of women in the panels were considered inadequate. The probability factor has been brought in by the author as a part of his presumption. Judges, whether women or men, decide on a case after hearing both the sides and studying all the material available before them. There is a set procedure laid down by law and they need to follow the same. So, there is no question of a women judge arriving at a quicker judgement.

    By saying that women judges will deliver faster judgement, is there an underlying note reading that the judgements are delayed because majority of the judges are men?

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    Throughout the world the number of women workers are increasing day by day and more number of them are coming out of the four walls of the house and competing with men in every sphere of the workplaces. So, why not they enter in the field judiciary also in a big way. It is definitely a good move. As regards the effectiveness of judgement it depends on the case presented by the contesting parties and their lawyers and after going through all the details and the past examples in the matter the judge declares a verdict. The gender of the judge has nothing to do with this process.
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    I cannot agree with the author's presumption in this regard.
    Appointing more women is just a part of the natural ongoing system wherein more women take up legal profession and are willing to take up any post or assignment given to them as per eligibility and norms.

    This is a continuing and on-going part of development in the country where women get more opportunities and facilities in education, employment etc. Even in Armed Forces women employment is increasing progressively.

    But whether or not thought about in this appointment, an indirect benefit of women inclusion in decision making bodies is the better and more confidence it will give for women litigants or women using such bodies.

    As men and women are taught the same law and statutes etc, and pas after the same examinations and tests, there cannot be any distinguishing or discrimination attribute on the basis of gender.

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