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    If there is a lot of work then it is very important to be organized.

    In the last few days, my responsibilities suddenly increased, due to which there was a lot of confusion between the housework, the urgent work outside, and my writing work. I could not understand how to manage all three because the workload had suddenly increased, which had the biggest impact on my writing work. Since perhaps due to all of a sudden, I could not make an arrangement in a hurry, so the work also went on in a chaotic manner. This made me understand that whenever our responsibilities suddenly increase, then before taking the charge of the responsibility, we should make a system to fulfill them, only then we should start the work. Organized plans give us some positive vibes which also adds momentum to the work.
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    The author who gone through the personal experience came to know the fact that if the work is more and keep adding to the pool, we tend to make it organized way of doing things, otherwise there is every chance of forgetting one work or the other and even underrating the work. For that sake we must draw plan of action A and plan of action B. Of course the house hold works can be postponed and even be done late as there is none to question. But when it comes to office, the work must be through and flowing. There cannot be disturbance of whatsoever. When we keep plan B ready that implies that we do not want the work get to struck and even the co-workers are made familiarize with the other plan. One thing is sure the organized plans are always remembered again and time tested one with good end results.
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    Organizing is really an important one when we have many works before us. Though the term organizing seems to be a big one to tell, it is true the proper organizing will help to receive fallacies on our work. Though we are finishing every target well but the priority of work should be organized. Whether house work or office work the looking for the priority is important as it is only what we are calling as organizing. Simply speaking in the household work we should do everything for those who move first from the home either to school/college/work. By leaving the first goer, if we arrange everything for the second or third goer the confusion would result. To avoid this proper organizing is needed. I never put off any work once asked by others by leaving everything I finish that work first.

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    Actually, planning is very important for any work irrespective of its size. For bigger activities, we may have to plan very elaborately and should have target dates. For routine works also we should have a plan of action. One should see whether salt is there or not before starting cooking even though it is for 2 or 3 people in the house. My wife plans for the next day's cooking today itself.
    When small children are there, it will be very difficult for the housewife to manage the house works. In addition to that, if she has to do some professional works, the day will be very hectic for her. Before the children get up, she has to finish her kitchen activities. Then she has to manage the children and finally, she has to get some time to take a rest or do some other activities like content writing etc. Really, it is very hectic and planning is very much required.

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