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    It is easy to accept the change in the weather, so why not in the people.

    We know that the Earth is rotating on its axis and revolving around the Sun and that all these actions also cause changes in the seasons, and thus we see three main seasons in a year.

    After the hot sun of summer, when the rainy season brings rain we become blissful. Similarly, in the winter season, we wait for the pleasure of summer. When a person easily adapts to the change of the weather, then why is it difficult to adopt the change in the people.

    Just as the same season does not last for a long time, it is not necessary that the circumstances of a person's life should always be the same and circumstances often bring changes in the nature of the person. If someone is happy today, is humble with you, then maybe for some reason, he may be angry tomorrow.

    The day humans will happily accept the changes in people, just like the weather, there will be a more pleasant atmosphere around us.
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    I do not agree with the author on this matter. Weather changes are known and we know all the seasons and once the season starts it would stay for at least 3 months for sure and we can take enough precautions as to how to combat the weather. Whereas the adjusting with the people is not possible as we are bound to change the mood everyday and the mind is not stable everyday to accommodate our thoughts and ideas. Often people made complaints that they could not understand such persons even though they tried to be within his parameters of liking and yet could not sync. Some are introvert and would not move or agree with others and for them introvert friends would do better. And some are extrovert to whom the extrovert type of persons can only adjust with them. So accepting the changes in people not agreeably.
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    It is a good question. Frankly speaking, 'ego' is the main issue playing pranks here. We accept the change in weather by believing some super power over us. But when it comes to people, we always think that we are the super power and therefore others should act according to our expectations and if there is any violation or error, our mind does not accept the and thereby we tend to stand in the opposite zones.

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    We all know human beings are having brains and that is the root cause for all these issues. A person will never change but he expects others to change. They want all the happenings as per their needs and interests. The problem starts there. Changes in weather depend on other factors and nothing can be controlled by the weather. It is having no say and it has to follow the Sun. Moon and earth. Their moments are fixed. But a human being has to make up his mind and decide to accept the change. Nobody can force him to change.
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    Swati, the analogy is not quite convincing. Weather or change of seasons is something that is not within our control and we have no choice but to bear with it whether we like it or not; the only option available being to move out to a place where the weather is conducive to us. But is it the same case with people? Here we have a choice to either accept that person or his behaviour or to stay away from him. I agree that the behaviour/ attitude of a person, more or less, depends on situations and circumstances that he is in and such changes are generally accepted if they are isolated. But what if his behaviour/ attitude keeps changing almost every time and we are unable to predict what his mood or attitude will be the next moment? I think we can then utilize the choice available to us and either maintain a temporary distance or cut him off permanently.

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    There is a saying that human beings are for human beings, so it is a human duty to accept everyone. But people do not accept anything easily, it is a congenital instinct. So if it does not match with your choice, then you will never accept it in your mind. A lot of times a change in people's attitudes can come in the stage of life, in which case today's favorite person may move away tomorrow. On the other hand, the way people behave with the seasons is pre-planned. Because people already know the nature of change, they accept it as normal.
    So I think two things are completely opposite.

    Believe in the existence of God the superpower.

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