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    Your reaction when Netflix's plans prices are reduced

    Yesterday in the news I came to know that Netflix, which is an important medium of OTT platform, has suddenly reduced the prices of its plans and this reduction is not a small change but a considerable amount. The mobile plan which was 199 has now become 149. Along with this, other plans have also come down significantly, due to which the viewers who are Netflix users are quite happy. Are you also one of the Netflix users or are you planning to become one now? If yes then this is the right time to buy a plan.
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    OMG!!! This is a great news for me as I am a huge fan of Netflix. I usually go for the 199/- plan and I will be watching the shows or movies in my smartphone. I really wanted to watch it in my desktop. But due to work load, I used to think that, it's not worth to change the plan to corresponding screens. I thought it might be waste of money if I didn't utilize it. But this news is huge for someone like me. Not only they reduced the money for mobile and tablet platform alone to 149, but for the 199 plan they added laptop/desktop and tv to the screen lists.
    As I already have an active plan of 199, I am going to try watching in my personal laptop now.

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    This indeed is happy news. As I was already waiting for renewing my Netflix subscription after finishing my prior commitments and unfinished tasks. I was not able to watch season 2 of "Never have I ever", season 3 of " sex education" and the overhyped series squid game and now Netflix has also announced the release of the next season of money heist. So many series on my wish list for a nice session of binge-watch later. But I am for sure going to circulate this news among my friends.
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    The author must know that OTT platforms wont be be considered any more in near future as the theaters are getting ready and viewing the films amid audience with hooting and teasing would make the film more enjoyable. The theaters which were on the verge of close after Netflix OTT platform are now engaging to come back, and by Sankranthi many theaters in the South are bracing for the Pongal release of films and that would bring the past glory. Moreover with OTT platform the side artistes are not getting the right pay and the online platform is minting money and even the producers are not getting the right rate. Even for this reason the mobile plans were also reduced as they know the people are no longer to care the mobile movie viewing. This kind of squeezing us during peak and relaxing rates has become marketing technique.
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    I don't think the opening of theatres will affect OTT subscriptions. I think both can continue to be popular. On the one hand, there are theatre-going audiences who just love watching movies on the silver screen with that whole wonderful ambiance (I am a huge fan of that!). On the other hand, there are those who prefer, for various reasons, to watch movies on the go wherever they are.

    I am not really tempted by this drop in prices because I do think Netflix is expensive. The 199/- mobile plan does not even appeal to me because I just don't like small screen viewing at all. I just can't fathom how people can enjoy a full-fledged movie of one to two hours or more on such a tiny screen. It just doesn't have that charm.

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    It is very nice to know that OTT platforms are reducing the rates. This will be an encouragement to the users and now more people will start using these platforms. Even though the cinema halls are getting opened OTT will continue and the flexibility these programmes are giving are very attractive and you can watch the movie of your choice at any time of your convenience. Slowly people will get accustomed to using these platforms and once the companies feel that people are habituated to them, they may go for increasing the prices. Jio and Airtel increased the prices of various plans they are providing for mobile phone users.
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    I wasn't able to watch in my laptop with my existing plan. But when I connected with the customer care team, they fixed the issue and now I am able to watch.

    I was using Netflix even before the covid pandemic to watch tv shows and series. So I don't think it will never loose its charm even if movie theaters are opened. There were many people who enjoys shows other than movies in OTT platforms. I used to watch vintage movies of local languages in Hotstar. So I don't think, OTT platforms will ever loose their popularity. Infact so many young generations are dying to watch latest shows and series which are only available in such platforms. If the rates are reduced, definitely those firms will gain more audience for sure.

    Vandana, in Netflix, they added both television screen and laptop/desktop screen to the 199 plan. So you can watch it in tv or laptop also. The latest 149 plan is limited to mobile or tablet.

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