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    When the left is for free, why right decision not taken ?

    At any given cross roads, the left side is given the free way so that the traffic flow for the straight lane is not disturbed. But often we have seen that those who know the traffic rules also block the left free passage and thus does not allow the right to take left turn. During the peak hours there is always exchange of words and even face off as the traffic flow is more and the vehicles get jammed for want of side to the left. Many a time I advised the motorists to give way free flow of traffic to the left, but no one bothers. When the left is for free, why right decision not taken ?
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    This happens almost at all the signals in all the cities. The other day I was going to a friend's house in Bangalore. My brother was driving the car. Near particular traffic signals, we were to take a left turn where it was a free left. But many two-wheelers blocked the road and we were forced to wait for about 5 minutes to cross that area. These things mainly happen mainly due to the carelessness of the people and never caring for the fellow passengers. This is the mentality of the people these days. I have to go fast is the only concept and never care for the time of other people.
    A good citizen should understand the importance of following traffic rules for safety as well as the smooth flow of traffic. But we care least for these two and we want to reach the destination very fast at any cost. Sometimes accidents happen and make the people reach their final destination of life very fast.

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    I was thinking a lot on this matter- left free- in the last few days. From my personal experience as a pedestrian, I am against this left free allowance.

    Most roads in most small or mid towns do not have proper lane traffic and roads do not have any dividers. In such a case, when people try to cross a road at junction, where traffic on that road is blocked by signal or police, if left free is given, then the pedestrians cannot cross the road at one stretch. As there is no divider, they cannot take protection standing on the divider.

    So when 'Left Free' is given at busy junctions, the pedestrians cannot cross a road safely at one stretch and the old, invalid and children are prone to accidents too.
    I had seen some very busy junctions where about six or seven roads intersect, but left free is not given. That helps pedestrians to cross without fear.
    As there are no proper traffic signal system and traffic control in most towns, I am against the Left Free system for reasons cited above.

    Moreover it needs more road space near signal for other vehicle riders to give space for the left turning vehicles. That constricts the available maneuvering space and restricts movement of straight traffic and irritates them.

    So it is high time Left free is abolished. Left free is not a right decision at all.

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