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    Can we call it immaturity?

    The behaviour of some individuals appears very confusing. A moment he/she will be very angry and the next moment he/she will be very cheerful. He/she will talk very freely and the next moment she/ he will become tight-lipped. When we sit before such people we will never understand how he/she behaves with us. His/her reactions can't be predicted.

    A friend of mine behaves in the same way. Oneday he talks very openly and shows a lot of affection. The next day he will not even wish even though we wish him. He behaves as if he doesn't know us. Sometimes I feel astonished.

    What can we understand from such behaviour of individuals? Can we call it immaturity?
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    I think your friend is very emotional and many times this emotion takes the centre stage. It may seem the behaviour is like that of children as they behave in the same fashion at times and we may think this is immature also but some kind of corrective action is required. I hope you and many others have tried to talk to your friend about his peculiar behaviour but there was no improvement. Handling emotions is an important part of growing up and when a person is unable to do that the reason has to be found. Family and friends can try to speak to the person about the issues and if required health professionals can also be consulted. It is true that the behaviour of your friend shows a lack of maturity at times but those who are dealing with your friend find it quite tough to handle him when he behaves in that way. You may talk to a behavioural therapist/counsellor to find a solution to this issue.

    Here I would like to mention one important aspect. I feel this behavioural problem of your friend was neglected since the beginning and because of this, it came to this stage. Often many people neglect such problems thinking that it will go away with maturity but if it doesn't go then proper measures must be taken immediately.


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    Some people have a fluctuating temperament. They will not have a consistent behavioural pattern. These are actually the cases of mood swings. These people lack focus and concentration in there nature. Their emotions and sentiments can arise at anytime to any extent. Their fluctuating nature will be a nuisance to others who are present around them or having their company. It is very difficult to handle these people because they will always be ready to fight and shout if someone provokes them our offend them. It is always better to avoid the company of such people as far as possible.
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    This is true often we see such people who are emotional towards their people and things, and they get angry within a moment then be normal on the next moment. I think it's not immaturity but just a common nature that can be posses by anyone which is quite normal. Yes, one thing is can say in this case that these people do have less control over their emotions and react immediately as per differing situations. Meditation is a technique that helps people to control their emotions and keep themselves balanced in every situation, but it takes time.

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    Very often we may come across such people having erratic behavioural patterns showing very affectionate behaviour at one time and in the next moment he might be reserved. The peculiarity is that the affected person may or may not identify his disorder causing a lot of inconvenience to his own circles. If the family members are supportive and well wishers to the diseased, the disorder can be tackled effectively with the regular follow up of the psychiatrist. The issue may take some time but the same can be cured with the cooperation of the family members.

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    It is very true that he needs some counselling from health care professionals. He consulted a big man in that field and followed up with him but no improvement is noticed. As mentioned by you, he behaves in a childish manner and there is definitely some immaturity problem is also there.
    He is still on medication.

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    Human psychology works in many ways, science has not fully understood it. We can't judge these by ourselves. A reflection of the surrounding situation or the work or thought you are currently in will be reflected in your outward behavior, this is normal. So not everyone's situation is the same all the day or all the time. It's reflection can make others feel bad. So I think if you noticed some negative sign, you can ask your friend affectionately the real situation and I am sure you will be able to find the reason behind it from your friend.
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    I think human beings are more involved in others issues than that of themselves and that is taking away the good behavior from them as they used to behave differently as explained by the author. Some people take even small issues in a big way and keep on making remarks which is of no use. Some wants to change the behavior of others and keep on chiding them on the back as if they are going to listen and know. Some do not want to change themselves but expect huge changes from others. These people are most confused lots living amid us and we cannot change them overnight. Even in politics we find such leaders who do not recognize good works and even good followers and thus end up thud. This is not the immaturity state of mind but fail to understand the situation and the person with whom they behave.
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