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    Have faith in Happy Spirit of Christmas and make others' Christmas Happy too.

    Sam was a kid who was an average student at studies but was very good at art and craft, co-curricular activities and any kind of creativity given by the school. He used to see various channels like discovery, Net Geo, Wildlife and such things whenever he gets the time. He once saw the competition held on National geography for Teenagers interested in photography and winners to get a chance to learn wildlife photography and Mentorship of a year. He wanted to participate in it but did not have any camera, or a very good Smartphone he felt so despaired. Her grandfather was seeing him from behind and the enthusiasm with which he started to watch terms and conditions about the competition but when it talked about having a basic camera at least his saddened face. And the last date of the competition was 31st December. His Grandfather asked him was there something he desired if there is Sam should ask Santa for it.
    But Sam was a 13-year boy and did not much believe in Santa now but this year he was hoping for Santa to be true somehow, he wished and prayed daily for the camera so that he could register for the competition, he did not want to bother his father who was a fisherman and already suffering with so many financial difficulties especially in times of pandemic. So even on Christmas Eve when everyone was so cheery enjoying, the only thing that was going on in Sam's mind was a Camera saddened by this thought that it is just wishful thinking Sam thought to just go and sleep. When He suddenly saw an Old man in Costume who looked like his grandfather coming close to him and from his bag, he took out a camera, The camera seem a little bit old but it was the most beautiful camera of red coloured matching with the costume of the camera, not a very fancy one but for Sam, it was the best one. Sam felt so much delighted and then he saw towards his grandfather's hand there was something missing. It was his grandfather's old watch given by his father. Sam understood his grandfather has sold his watch to bring him a camera. Tears fell from Sam's eyes when his grandfather told him don't worry I have just mortgaged it once you win the competition I will have it back but remember even if you don't believe in Santa as you grow up have faith in the spirit of Christmas and joy it brings and when you bring joys in others life you will find it too. And Sam did participate in the competition to win it and bring back his grandfather's watch and joy of Christmas for his Grandfather as well.
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    The author laid stress on the fact that the celebration of Christmas should coincide with wholesome participation and giving chance for others to participate in festivities with right spirit. Great writing.
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    A nice story where the love and affection of grandparents towards their grandchildren is shown very correctly. The grandfather has sold his watch to get a camera to his grandson which shows the love he is having for this grandson. A good message from the story is that one should try to bring happiness to the lives of others to the possible extent by giving some service and help. The happiness in giving is also well established in the story.
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