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    Linking Aadhaar with the Electoral Roll- new proposal

    In a far reaching decision, the Cabinet has cleared the proposal to link the Aadhaar with the electoral roll on a voluntary basis. This new proposal would check multiple enrolments and the bogus voting during the elections. In fact we must go one step further and voting be done online so that huge expenses are avoided and this would also prevent the huge amount of largese, cash and liquor being supplied on the eve of voting. By opting for digital voting even the results can be declared early. Any comments ?
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    Mohan, it is not the Voter ID that is being proposed to be linked. It is the Electoral Roll. The Cabinet has, among others, cleared a proposal to link one's Aadhar to the Electoral Roll on a voluntary basis to curb the practice of multiple enrolment of the same person at different places or with different addresses.

    Please be clear about facts while raising threads based on such reports. I am making the necessary changes for the time being.

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    It is good that the Aadhaar number of the person will also be mentioned in the Electoral Roll along with the name. This will definitely help in preventing the persons to register their names in multiple places. But it is on a voluntary basis only. Nobody can force you to give that also for preparing the list. This will not make much difference to the existing conditions. People will continue enrolling their names in multiple places. Unless otherwise it is made mandatory to give Aadhaar number this practice can't be stopped. But because of the security and other issues, the government has not made it mandatory.

    Coming to online voting or voting from home, I think a lot of exercises are needed to be done to have hassle-free voting. In a country like India with so many voters making such an attempt require a lot of confidence for the authorities. We have seen the problems faced by EC when they introduced EVMs.

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