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    Clean up stains instantly

    When I was in school, during the time of whitewash work at home, Grandma used to say that the stains on the doors due to wall paint was cleaned immediately because otherwise, the stains would remain there permanently, otherwise, your hard work will be doubled later. Apart from this, whenever there is a stain in the clothes or anything falls on the bedsheet, even the floor, etc, then we clean it immediately so that the stain is not fixed.

    Such small things give us a big lesson in life. Just as we should clean such stains immediately, in the same way, if we hurt someone's heart or someone has become upset because of us or if we accidentally got such a stain in the relationship, we should clear it immediately and take the initiative without delay. Remove any bitterness of stains before it builds up a permanent stain in your relationship.
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    Nice suggestion from the author. Relations are very important. We should not spoil our relations with others with our actions or words. It is better to lose a little time rather than lose a good friend. If you feel that the other person got hurt from your words, take some time and explain to him your point of view. It is not bad to say sorry also if you think that the other person will become alright by hearing that and your good relations will continue. The bad feelings should not go for long in the minds of other people. That is why we should quickly respond see that the ill feelings of the other person will go. It is easy also to change the mindset of a person in the early stages than after allowing it to settle for some time.
    It is really difficult to remove the stains on the walls or on the clothes after leaving them to be there for some time. Immediate cleaning up is the best always.

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    It is rather a good suggestion from the side of the author that we should patch up the strained relationship as soon as possible. We might have spoken some words hurting our close relationship and in fact, that was not the intention of ours. It could be the temporary burst of our anger and for that we are extremely sorry for it. Sooner, we express our thoughts for the normalisation of relationship for being sorry for our past actions, it will be better for both of us. The relationships are definitely meaningful for us in many ways but keeping a long silence after hurling some bad words would be nothing but permanent spoiling of the relationship. We know making any delay in cleaning the stained wall is of no use and it will be the permanent scar.

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    Nice comparison and sum up by the author the real stains appearing on the cloths and floors has to be removed instantly and same way any stains on the character of the person should also be cleared immediately. The greatest problems what we are facing today that through gossiping and group chatting, the character of others are much maligned and some times the wordings go beyond printable and all this happens without the knowledge of the person who was accused. The face-off and bitterness has to be removed the same evening as the life is short and we cannot prolong the small misunderstandings for days together. And mind it we fight with those who are more dear to us and in that case the straining relations must be restored for sure and no more hide and seeking or maligning others for further personal happiness.
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