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    Is privatisation necessary in every government sector?

    As the Central government is passing a bill in parliament to convert two national banks as public sector bank, the employees are agitating and opposing the bill. It is obvious that privatization is required in every public sector since the government cannot afford to pay the employee salaries and maintain the infrastructure required to run government offices. Do you believe that privatization should be mandatory in all government sectors? Spare your thoughts on this.
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    Supervision of different resources such as Human Resources, capital of the industry, profitability are the important aspects while running an industry and without a closer look and administration, sustainability of an industry is doubtful. The public undertakings are in the bad shape due to lack of supervision.Moreover, there is lack of accountability of the different units as result of improper surveillance. Once such industries are transformed to private units, the head of such units would be run by the private operators looking closely the different operations of the unit. The owner would not like to loose financially by running an unit with such a huge manpower. There will be better coordination between the employers and employees at all levels.

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    When we manage our own funds our attitude will be different. But when we manage the funds of others we will have a different attitude. The reason is ownness. If one rupee coin drops down from the pocket, we will never stop collecting it back. But when we purchase something for a company we never bother to spend a little more if our personal requirements are met. This is the difference we feel in private and government establishments.
    In a private company, the person who invested money will be monitoring all the activities and he never allows wastage or pilferage anywhere. He will give the responsibility to a person and ask for his explanation in case of any deviation. There is an accountability factor here.
    Unfortunately, many government organisations will not fix the responsibility and the person at the top will always try to explain why losses happened instead of trying to avoid losses. This is what making the difference.

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    After being successful in digitization of banking sector, the government intelligently asked less profit making banks to merge with others and thus created formidable group among them. Now the proposal to make two nationalized banks to private sector may for one big reason that the work load in banks has drastically come down, as the senior customers who used to visit the branches are also doing the online transactions, the ATM 's are serving the cash, the work force is not that much required. But relieving the already established workers not possible and hence in the name of privatization the banks can be cut to size and even so many branches can be reduced. For example within the distance of two furlongs we have 3 Union bank functioning and I feel two branches are waste and staff salary is burden.
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    Those who studied Indian History used to criticise the rulings of Mohammed Bin Tuglak for frequently changing the Capital city of his reign. Similarly it is a waste to think to made government sector into private as the principle of keeping certain departments in the Government side are needy and fit. The major requirement in the Government and private sectors is effective functioning without basing the ruling or opposite party mentality. They should work without bias especially the government sector departments are presently working with the party based thinkings.

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