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    Who has to be punished in this story- read and decide

    A King was known for his providing free food to the people and he used to organize mass feeding. One day there was much gathering and the food serving was going on in the open ground and people are eating. Suddenly a eagle which caught a dead snake and started flying over the mass feeding and the blood of the snake fell on the food resulting in instant poisoning and many dead. This has upset the King very much as many innocent people are dead. An old lady immediately asked people to get away and those who are standing for their turn to eat are turned away by the old women. King put on inquiry and this issue was even probed by even Yama and his assistant Chitragupt as to who be made responsible and whom should be punished. Who has to be punished in this story- Respond
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    The moral of the story is not to opt for free food and free sops. It is always better to earn our food instead of waiting for somebody to come and give you common food.
    In this case. I feel the king is at fault. Instead of offering free food, he might have shown a way to the people to earn their food. So the King should be punished.
    People will become lazy if they are getting free food. People who have their own resources will also try to get free food. So the expenses for the king will be more and again he has to increase the taxes so that he will get more money.
    Many state governments these days are doing this only. They are making vote politics by offering fee issues to people. It is not at all advisable. It will become very difficult for a taxpayer in the country.

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    Here five flaws can be seen.
    That the King arranged the feast in open.
    The Eagle which flown through the feast place
    The dying of snake and being caught by Eagle
    The serving persons not taking precaution
    The old women who raised the alarm

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    Mr. Mohan
    Ofcourse,the old lady who is the gossip monger and the evil personified should be dealt with very sternly. Firstly,she is jealous of the king's popularity though she can never reach the royalty
    Of the high and mighty king. Secondly,unwanted back biting about others leads to misunderstanding and under the guise of pretending to be innocent( the old couple belived her story) she had mislead them.
    Therefore,my answer is give her back in her own coin. The king has the power to make her languish in prision throughout her life so that nobody would dare to behave like the old lady who can be compared to Saturn.

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    In old times feasts were generally arranged in the open especially when a large number of people are invited. I remember in our village we used to have food in the open only when the gathering was big. In this story there is a rare chance exhibited by poisoning of the food with the venom of a snake caught by an eagle and such rare things if happen are nobody's fault. This is something like an unexpected disaster and none had planned it to harm the people attending that feast. So in my judgment, the question of punishing anyone does not arise. Only thing is that the king should take care of the people and families affected by that unfortunate incident.
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