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    Why do we always regret previous mistakes during retirement?

    As men and women, we have emotions and feelings. Strengths and weaknesses as well. While some of our crucial decisions in our earlier career would have been big mistakes, as a rule, we sort of tend to justify them or brush them off when we are/ were in active service.

    Years and decades come and go. The day to retire dawns upon us. We are there looking rather foolish. We tend to look back and regret all our previous mistakes. This happens to nine out of ten people who are retired now. They have gone through the worst of times.

    Today, children who are now in the 20 to 30 age group have all seen the advent of the most advanced internet based developments. Their lives are different. The professional class -- those from NITs and IITs and the IIMs or the ISB reach fabulous positions so fast and very confidently.

    What happened to the senior citizens of today? Is it because we let our egos take the better of us in any given situation, back then?

    Or is it just natural that such mistakes happened?
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    During our service period, we work as per our capabilities and experience gained during our career path. It is not possible for anyone to not make any mistake during their career. Actually, all of us make a number of mistakes during our service period due to of course a variety of reasons. Some mistakes are due to our own incapabilities while some mistakes are due to the environment or external factors. There are many things which are not in our control and it is obvious that in that situation we are bound to commit some mistakes. But we should not feel bad about that because we have to see the things in totality and we must examine in how many jobs we committed mistakes in them. I would say that if the mistakes are about 5-10 percent of the total tasks or jobs executed then this is well within the tolerable limit and there is nothing to be worried about that. But if the mistakes are more and in the range of 20-30 percent then it becomes a matter to be examined seriously. In such cases, it will definitely haunt us after our retirement.

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    When comparison is made with the seniors and with the present youth we cannot draw the line as the youth are in upper hand and enjoying all the technicalities and modern benefits to which the elders were neither aware nor enjoyed. Coming to the point of previous mistakes and regretting during the retirement has become compulsion for many as the family burden of having more children to be nurtured was bothering them, they cannot move from the present job for greener pastures because there may be very setback to the family. Many seniors resigned from the life long back thinking that their game is over and left all the decision making rights to their children who are keeping the world on the palm. And those youth who are qualified and earning much than the elders were in their past, are demeaning the very existence and presence of elders
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    The youths if the present time are in better positions due to their qualifications grabbing a fabulous post and are enjoying their lives as they wish. They have their choice and interest and there is no interference for the same from any quarter. Hence we can see a contrast between their lives and the lives of their parents. Where the former class have freedom to lead their lives as they wish, this was not the case with their parents presently living in a difficult situation. They often tell that they could not go anywhere else during their service period due to financial constraints and any enjoyment in that way could affect family expenses when their children were studying in the public schools. These parents have sacrificed their lives for the sake of their children. If there is not realisation of the past sacrifice of their parents, it is not their faults. Currently they are in the state of perils but their own children are not sensitive enough to realise the sacrifice of their lives for them. It is really a very unfortunate situation when no help from their own children is not forthcoming.

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    The connection of the third paragraph of the main text to the rest of it is not clear.
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    The confidence levels and the circumstances play a very important role in these things. When we are in service we have a lot of confidence in our abilities and we will have strong feelings that we can rectify the mistakes we did in due course. In addition to that, we will have some fears also to accept our mistakes thinking that we may not be considered for promotions and increments if we accept our mistakes. We will have ego also which will never allow us to accept our mistakes. This will be true for earlier generations, recent generations as well as for coming generations also. Even though we know we are at fault we will not vent it out but the mind will not forget them and as the farewell party is the last chance to meet all the colleagues officially together the employee probably may feel to that it is the correct situation to accept the mistakes committed by them. Some may do it as a formality.
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