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    In the group photos when you are asked to stand behind?

    Whether it is the family photo, office photo, or even any function photo, some people gather and ask for a group photo in which we are also called to stand but the position matters. When the front rows are meant for very important persons or the VIP's the back rows are allotted for seniors and close family members and the last row is for those who called to the stage to be in the group. Normally the focus is made on the front rows and the other two rows are inconsequential for the photographer and when we want to take a separate copy from the main photo our image would look blurred. That means we have been sidelined in the group photo and many a time the face is not clear at all as we ask someone to identify our presence in the image, they failed to do so. Have you ever experienced such kind of humiliation?
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    My experience of group photos is different. When we take group photos we may ask the elderly people or the special guests for the occasion to be in the centre and generally, they will be asked to sit in chairs or at a table. After that children may be asked to sit before the chairs so that they will also appear properly. The remaining people will be asked to stand behind the chairs in one or two rows. Who has to stand where will be decided by the photographer based on their heights and their visibility in the camera frame. During this arrangement, some elderly people may go to the back row as they are long enough and short persons will be there in the 1st standing row. I don't think the place will not be decided on the basis of the importance of the individual.

    We have many family group photos in which we followed the above system only and also in school and college group photos all, the same system is followed.

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    I have been asked to stand in the middle of third row, when a group photo taken on day of farewell party in our college after graduation. I did not take that seriously and took there must be some reason. Later when the lecturers and principal sat in the first row, our HOD called me to stand in the second row behind him.

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