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    Reach to the rural youth and motivate them to the maximum extent possible

    Rural youth is the big answer to many of our big problems. In States with rapidly declining birth rates, like Kerala and Tamil Nadu, the rural youth need to be guided properly. For example, within a radius of around 80 kilometers from the two industrial hubs of Oragadam and Sriperambadur, near Chennai, thousands of rural youth are gainfully employed in the assembly units and most of them are girls who had studied upto just the plus two level.

    However, there is no full stop here. After earning a bit, they opt to enrol themselves in the distance education program of any State University and become graduates and also acquire new skill sets in IT, or bakery or SAP and so on and jump jobs to far better careers. The rural youth need to be properly guided on all possible technical courses so that they will learn something and also earn something in their lives.
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    It is the fact that the rural youth are away from main stream on par with urban youth and they are denied with all the opportunity. Youths are wasting time on road side meeting as no work in hand, parents wont leave them for the city as they are wanted for agricultural working. In this melee the youth are also misguided by vested interest for unlawful activities.
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    The rural youth are also getting exposed to all the opportunities they had through the internet. But they are not getting proper guidance from experienced people. If you look at the rural areas you will not find many people who are working in various fields. But we may have some qualified teachers in those rural areas and they may have their own activities. The colleges and the industries around that area should take the responsibility of guiding the youth from rural areas who are working or studying in their organisations. Many engineering colleges are coming and students from rural areas are also joining them. The training cells in those colleges should take the responsibility of guiding the youth properly so that they will know the various opportunities they have for higher education as well as employment.
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