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    Do the presence of celebrities help the companies in whose advertisements they appear?

    Advertisements are used as tools by big companies to increase their sales. Through television, radio and the internet, we often find lengthy advertisements popping up on the screens. Senior film stars and retired sportspersons are still used by those companies based on their fan following. They are ready to shell out a colossal amount of money to fill up their pockets with crores of rupees. They even conduct surveys to know about the fan following of those persons.

    Will the trend continue or will those persons would be replaced by the most wanted ones once their presence stops generating more revenue as anticipated?

    What is your opinion?

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    The marketing of house hold products has become the continued process for the big companies and they have the compulsion to be in the main stream of selling and thus harping on famous film stars who have huge fan following. For example Telugu cine star Nagarjuna is famous here since many years and he endorses Gadi detergent powder. He says pahle instamal karo phir vishwas karo. But I doubt he would have never used it as the promo does not show the same. And Amitabh Bachhan recommends Apollo steel pipes. I am sure he stays in the flat and builder might not have used the steel pipes of that brand. So it is clearly made known through above two examples that film stars and celebrities only endorse the product but does not know the quality and assurance of the same and it is left to the thought process of the fans either to follow or discard.
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    Advertisement and publicity of a product require that people viewing that advertisement remember it and once it remains in their memory they might consider that option also when buying the item. The companies do two things in this matter. First is search some famous personality for the advertisement campaign and who can be better than a film star or top sportsperson. Second is the frequency of the advertisement. I remember during our childhood we used to hear repeatedly some two-line song on the radios regarding a product and it was sitting deep in our minds and when we went to the market to buy the product only that brand came to our memory as a first while selecting out of so many equivalents available in the shop. It is not surprising that some companies spend 30% or more of their total expenses on advertisements. So, this trend is going to remain there in the coming times and the stars will be earning out of it.
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    The Indian public is mainly hero worshippers. They take somebody as a hero for them and they go on following him and try to imitate him as much as possible. The people who are performing well in movies or in sports or in some other fields will have a lot of fan following. So organisations are using this point and engaging famous persons in those fields as their brand ambassadors. Many people will see the celebrities in these advertisements and think that they should also go for that product. The companies pay huge amounts to these celebrities and if they are not getting the returns why they will use them again and again for advertising their products. Repeated use of such persons is an indication that the organisations also are getting benefitted by paying and using the celebrities in their sales promotion.
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    And regarding the promotions given for sarees, the famed actress are involved and the photo shoot takes place in a grandeur manner with best locations of temples, beach and gardens. But when the same saree is seen at the counter it looks absurd and not acceptable. So what I mean to say that film stars are involved to promote the products in a big way and we get fooled they are endorsing the saree. And we do not know which branded saree they are actually wearing for giving ads. So the marketing has become more confusing as far as customers are concerned. They have money and but not have the wisdom to choose the right product or right material on their own and one must discard promotions made by the actors. This would pave way of lots of savings as advertised products are sold with high cost for sure.
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