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    How is that some people are able to cheat others so easily?

    It happens everywhere. Even among the "educated classes". One has a couple of grounds. That is 4800 square foot, in a developing area of Chennai. In comes a builder and goes on bombarding the owner with rosy promises of two flats and also a portion of the land in his name. Things go on. The building comes up and then the owner funds the deviations. He was given the flats, but much smaller than what was promised. The total number of flats in the same plot is much more than the plan. The builder has political influence and threatens the hapless owner of the land.

    The aforesaid scenario is not merely fiction. It has happened so often that people immediately construct an independent house in their plots before someone comes calling. Promise of higher interest attracts thousands. The guy then runs away with the booty. We need more checks and balances to ensure that people do not get cheated at all.

    But is human greed the source of all problems?
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    We are finding many such cases in the Real Estate business and people should be careful while doing transactions in this area. When we are giving our area for development to a builder there should be a registered development agreement in which all conditions that are applicable should be mentioned very clearly without any ambiguity. These real estate business people will have a lot of experience and they know how to deceive others. That is why many common people will get deceived. So whatever documents we write and register should also be shown to the lawyers who are in the field and should get their nod before signing.
    But many people are not aware of these facts and even though they know they may not spend much time in reading and understanding all the documents in a proper way and finally they will get landed into difficulties. Wherever money is involved there are chances for such things.

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    What the author has mentioned has been happening in many places but not all the builders branded as cheaters as said by the author. The antecedents of their previous projects be checked before giving the development agreement. In Hyderabad wherever such agreement takes place, the ground floor, first floor and even other floors are earmarked with color difference from outside and even from far place the building can be distinguished between the owner share and of builder share to buy. Why there should be cheating when the agreement was not greedy on the part of owner. When owners ask for more share from the constructions , the builders makes lots of deviations and compromise on the quality but in Hyderabad some known developers are always getting next project before the one ends on the hand.
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    There are many cheaters in this world and they regularly cheat people with novel techniques and methodologies. Generally the gullible people are the lot which is cheated mostly by these cheaters. Some cheaters have connections with the influential people and even if the common person lodges a case against the cheating, nothing happens. These cheaters use cryptic language in heir dealings and do not provide exactly what they promised superficially. We should be alert from these cheaters. They are so expert in their work that they cheat even the policemen and civil servants who are so powerful to nab them any time. So what can the common person do to fight against these cheaters? We can only hope for a good governance in the country where these cheaters are caught and put behind the bars so that other bad elements also should be afraid of doing such cheating.
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    At every stage wherever there is the case of financial transaction, we need to be careful. We have seen in the past how our hard earned money where there was the promise of the financial institution of lucrative return has not materialised and even they lost their principal money. Golden Forest and many others were successful to woo the gullible depositors and finally they landed into loss of their money. The builders of the different areas of dubious nature making a few flats showing as samples and finally woo the customers for investments for the residential properties. By paying a part of money, the customers neither get the money back nor the residence. Hence wherever there is the case of involvement of money, we need to be careful and see all the aspects before money is looted by a fraudulent man.

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    The author has rightly said that many times it comes to know through news or other mediums that such frauds are being done in the name of the property, where sometimes the builder and sometimes the owner of the land also comes in the form of such fraud. But in such cases, we should not look at the fraud of one party, but also the ignorance of the other party. We often see such cases still not learning anything, a proper investigation before investing money is the most important. People who cheat such innocents should also be punished strictly.

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