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    The active participation of India in the 1971 war make Bangladesh an independent country

    A nine-month exciting war result of liberation in 1971 was independent sovereign Bangladesh. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the lifeblood of the War of Liberation, India extended its hand as a true friend. Refugees from Bangladesh were forced to take shelter in Indian territory after being brutally tortured by the Pakistani aggressors. The people and government of India provide shelter and food assistance to these one-crore refugees with a smile. Not only that - they provide training, weapons, and ammunition to the freedom fighters. At that time India had to spend seven thousand crore rupees for these works. India had to lose many officers and soldiers to play the role of allied forces in the liberation war of Bangladesh. Whose blood is mixed in the soil of present independent Bangladesh? Do you believe it?
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    Great remembrance on the contributions of India during the liberation of Bangladesh and getting its independence. India has spent huge amount that time and I remember as was told by elders that in those days the ladies gave gold and silver items they were wearing as the gift to help the Bangladesh. Since then India has been sharing rich bonds with that country historically, and in culture, and other multitude activities. It may be noted here that both Bangladesh and Nepal has the transit permits between the two countries and we can shuttle between the countries. India and Bangladesh share 50 years of strong relations and both countries were strong in many international aspects. We are also responsible for many development activities being done in that country and we are the immediate succor to them.
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    A fact that nobody can deny. But for India, Bangladesh might not have got the freedom. India did a lot of help on many fronts to see that Bangladesh will get freedom and they are successful. There may be many reasons for India to support Bangladesh. Before the formation of Bangladesh, that land was a part of Pakistan and known as East Pakistan. When Awami League to form the government in East Pakistan instead of obtaining majority seats.
    East Pakistanis were suppressed by the army. This caused a large-scale migration into India. India has to face a refugee problem. Then India supported East Pakistanis financially and militarily. The war was between India and Pakistan and finally, India won and Bangladesh formed.
    Bangladesh should be loyal to India and should be on good terms with India. India blood is there on soil of independent Bangladesh.

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