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    Keeping secrets within you or fast farword soon to others

    In our daily life we come across some information concerned to others and even our-self which need to be kept secret and when time permits we would reveal to others. But there are few people around us for them keeping secrets within them is very difficult and they tend to fast forward soon to others. When the things are revealed to others there is no secret clause at all. There are people who gets lots of fun and laughter in sharing others secrets but they would not reveal theirs. It is really a very habit to share others secrets because the information was revealed out of closeness and good friendship and that should not be betrayed.
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    I feel it is not a good habit. When you think that is a secret you are not supposed to reveal the same to the third party. Once a third person knows what the issue means, it is no more a secret.
    Generally, I will not talk much to anybody and I have no interest in knowing issues that are of no value to us. I will never do a general talk with anybody and hence there is no chance for me to know the secrets of others. Once I don't know, there is no question of passing on the same to somebody else.
    Some people can't keep silent when they come to know about secret information. They will try to tell to somebody who is close to them and from there it will go to somebody. Finally, it is no more a secret.

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    It depends on person to person also depend on the information. I mean there is any information which we may not like to share with others, it could be some personal or even sometimes not personal but we do not want to feel good to share it with anyone. On the other hand, some pieces of news create such an environment that we want to share with others. like if I got an opportunity then I will for sure share with others, some may not share as they do not want to lose their chances to win. Another sort of secret that is just related to someone's sensitive matter is completely private and should not be shared with everybody.

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