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    Can all round development assured if 340 kms of outer ring road made to use ?

    Providing road connectivity and giving access to important locations around the Metro city like Hyderabad has become more important with the context that there has been a growing demand for suburban development and their connectivity to the city and other important places through it In this regard can all-round development assured if 340 km of outer ring road made to use?

    Hyderabad has created a long length of 6 lane outer ring road through which the lorries need not enter the city at all as they can branch out to Nagpur, Chandrapur, Bangalore, Mumbai, and other places with ease and the lorries need not wait up to the night for getting route clearance to pass. What is your view in this regard?
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    The outer ring road is the brainchild of Chandra Babu Naidu, the then Chief Minister of the united Andhra Pradesh. But it has come to use afterwards. It is a boon to the commuters. You may have to travel a little more distance but you will skip the heavy traffic areas in the city and you will reach the destination very fast. Whenever I go to Vijayawada from Hyderabad I use this ORR only. I need not go through heavy traffic and I can save almost an hour for the total journey of 5 hours.
    Now there is no entry for the heavy vehicles during peak ours into the city. So they can use this ORR and reach their destination fast and city commuters will also have no problems with these heavy vehicles within the city. The road is around Hyderabad. You can get on to it from any place and you can exit at a place that is near to your destination. All other big cities also can plan in the same way so that traffic problems will reduce.

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