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    How low can politicians fall with their trivialisation of tragedies?

    Recently remark in the Karnataka state assembly by Congress MLA KR Ramesh Kumar about "Enjoying Rape" is making the news.

    People often target feminists for making trivial issues bigger. But what about these politicians making tragedies into trivial things. What kind of message they are propagating in society? Seating at a position like these with their speeches they are only giving defence to accused of such crimes.
    Every time such news flashes on my phone screen I feel so disgusted and saddened. Because such remarks have become so common that people don't even bother are about them in fact defends such things.
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    These days politicians have no ethics or morals. They want power only. In the Assembly of Andhra Pradesh, the elected MLAs of the ruling party talked too badly about the senior politician Naidu's wife. The Ex. CM of this state has to shed tears while replying to those words in the assembly. When it is the respect given to a lady by the elected MLAs, how you can expect them to refrain to talk about innocent and normal people. The politics in India is going from bad to worst in India. If you go into the details of many happenings across the country definitely you will find one or the other politician backing the accused in such cases. It is very unfortunate.
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    The behaviours of the politicians are becoming bad to worst while observing a few MLA 's of AP misbehaving with the wife the then chief minister of AP. Such behaviours are uncalled for. If such a deterioration has occurred what more is expected from such MLA's for the betterment of the standards of the people living in AP.
    They should learn lessons from the politicians of the past giving highest regards to the bevy of ladies. They enjoyed the respect of the people due to their cordial behaviour. Up to 1960, there was decency in the behaviours of the elected politicians but with the time, there is erosion of their moral values which is indeed very shocking.

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