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    Why don't everyone come together to defeat Yogi?

    If there is one State that is the shame for the entire country, it is UP. Be it law and order or education or health or jobs or whatever. The State has the worst record.

    It is ruled by a communal politician whose name is Yogi Adiyanath. He likes to hear what he likes to hear. After every major disaster involving his administration, he will come up with stories about the Opposition and also post false photos of work done in some other State as his own achievement.

    One really finds it difficult to imagine why the entire Opposition should not unite against this politician who should be sent packing. The entire Opposition should work out a strategy to defeat this communal force in the forthcoming elections in UP.
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    Why not? Definitely, they can try. But it is very difficult to accommodate two knives in one cover. Each Party is having a State head as well as a country head. The State head wants to be the Chief Minister of the State and the Country head wants to be the Prime Minister of the country. There comes the tussle. That is why we have seen many times these adjustments backfiring after some time. If this aspiration is not there and if they can agree to one common man as CM, they can do that and try their luck.
    Not only in UP, but they can also unite and fight all elections across the country so that they will get into power all over the country and in the centre also. Let then try and I wish them all the best,

    always confident

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