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    How is Hyderabad always rated the best city to live in?

    Though I did visit Hyderabad a few times, every single time I would think of buying some property there in that city and settling down. But office work did not give me the luxury to get that done.

    Today, it is still rated as the best big city to live in. For one, I found the people highly hospitable and since a big chunk of Telugu brothers and sisters have settled in Chennai, the bonding between the people appeared very good. The people were extremely receptive and highly hospitable. And English was spoken quite widely. I never had any language issues.

    However, what is this city's magic? What does it offer as a special thing? What are the major developments in the past ten years?
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    When compared to other metropolitan cities in India, Hyderabad is found to be the cheapest and people who are migrating to Hyderabad can manage their life some way or other. The seeding for the development of this city was started during the NT Rama Rao's government and later when Chandra Babu Naidu continued the same and made many IT industries come to this city. Way back IDPL a government Pharma Company helped many private companies to come in. These two sectors are making the city expand. The city is having no limits as all four sides lands are available and can grow in any direction. The traffic is high but better when compared to Bangalore and other cities. So major development has been taken place well before the state got divided. But after the division, much development in the industry is not seen.
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    Being Hyderabadi I have the reason to support the author's observation as to Hyderabad is the best city to live in. Because all sections of people can live here happily. That daily labor, salaried class, average, middle and high class has their own colonies and places and there is no hassle to commute as we have good bus and metro connectivity. The climate is normal and not sultry like any other metro cities. The people are courteous and help each other unlike other cities they plead ignorance when we ask something. And being the cosmopolitan city, Hyderabad is the best to live even with English language known. The best place to enjoy good dishes of every taste and Hyderabad hotels are not costly as compared to other cities. Even with 10 rupees one can finish the morning break fast with the road side vendor.
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