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    Keep saying thank you because you don't know who is helping you.

    When someone helps us, we thank them, it is human nature and we have been taught so. But we should also thank for those things which we do not know directly. I am not talking about nature here, because nature is that without which human life is not possible, so we should always be grateful in front of it.

    But here I am talking about those people whom we may not even know, yet their role is in our life. For example, If we talk about ISC here, then all of us writers are helping each other in one way or the other. Apart from this, ISC's technical team, graphic designers, developers, programmers, testers, etc., who are providing website technical support, our readers who read our articles, we do not know those people directly but every day many of them help us in different aspects of our life.

    Even if we forget in the busyness of the day, then at least before sleeping at night when we give thanks to God, at the same time we should give thanks from the bottom of the heart to all those people who have helped us in any way.

    So here, I like to thank all of you ISC team.
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    That is true. The hard work of many unknown people is making us happy. So we should be thankful to all such people and when there is a chance comes we should help the needy so that we can also be happy saying that we received many from others at the same time I too gave a little to others. That will give us a very good feeling and we will be satisfied persons.
    I strongly believe in God. Whatever help we are getting from different quarters are from Him only. But He is not directly giving but arranging through somebody else. So for whatever we have today is because of God, we should be thankful to Him always.
    When we received help from somebody it is good manners to say Thank you. But just telling thanks is not sufficient. We also should try to help the needy to the extent possible.

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    Nice thread from the author that when we are in public exposure through the content writing surely there are appreciation, applause and even rave criticism. We do not know who are doing it with full heart. But when the content truly portrays appreciation towards us, then we are duty bound to thank them.
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    Indeed. Thank you and sorry are two wonderful words with meaning beyond it's words. I feel that saying thank you whenever you can makes you humble in a way too. As the author mentioned how in ISC itself appreciating and thanking them for their contribution makes us all a part of a journey. A journey where we appreciate our existence as well as our gifts. Expressing our gratitude by often using the thank you makes us also aware of how thankful we are of things around us be it simple things or big life changing things. Whatever it might be just saying the words thank you makes it much more real and appreciative. So is the case with sorry, a simple sorry for our small to big mistakes doesn't make us small, instead makes us stronger for excepting out fault and recovering.
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    Thanks giving is a great gesture and we must do it on a regular basis. The author has brought out the very special way of thanks giving to those who are not directly in sight but doing a lot of convenience and help to us. I have heard some speakers thanking the organisers as well as the staff behind them and that makes a very subtle impress on the audiences and shows that the person really cares for those who care for the society through their hidden and indirect help to all. If everyone follows this doctrine then the world will be a very good place to live and we all will achieve a habitable and harmonious society.
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