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    To stay connected with your childhood, get involved in the activities of the children.

    Every one of us lived our childhood in dreams of cartoons and angels too. I have a friend who still watches cartoons and enjoys them a lot, she laughs and laughs a lot. I have often seen people who play, have fun, or spend time with children feel more excited themselves. When I go to the park and see the children playing, I feel energized too. Perhaps we see many such examples when we get enthusiasm again in our life from children, the laughter of children also makes you laugh. Have you also lived such experiences?
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    This is a super way the author told. We would have no time or permission or chance to see such comics or fun child programs in our child hood. To meet out the satisfaction in us , we can sit with our children in watching such comics etc. in television and enjoy by leaving our tension, worries etc. without seeing serials containing characters of crying /revenging. Above all if we sit with the children to see such programs their joy will get multiples and we can drag them to our side when we can ask them for study as they could believe us as we can sit before television later with mother/father. We can, as a parent, get two mangoes in one stone.

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    Frankly speaking I get into the shoes of small children when they interact with me and that connects them instantly as they would like and love to play with me. One of the relative daughter who is hardly 3 years and I am habituated with her since birth, daily talks to me on video calling and invite me personally to their house. But time would not permit and she keeps on calling. Not that her parents and grand parents wont play with her, but my way of dealing small children is different and they long to meet me daily. After all children are the most purest souls in this world, as we forget and forgive even the enemies if we see a beautiful child on his shoulder or lap. That is the power of great children, the laughing, their stammering way of saying little things, and the way they gesture through raising eye brows are mind boggling.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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