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    It is high time that society contributes to local infrastructure development

    Take any small semi-urban town in the States of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka and even AP. From reliable estimates, the cement dealers in such towns make a neat profit of around 80 lakh per annum, after all taxes.

    Surely, they and should contribute in kind to the local Government school. It is deplorable to note that three innocent children have lost their lives in the wall collapse in a Govt school in Tirunelveli, a town well known for its rich agricultural base.

    How and why this should happen is a big problem. May be, the building was very old. Inquiry committees will now be set up and the compensation has already been announced. However, if the local big wigs can contribute in kind in terms of cement, tiles, pipes and so on, this disaster could have been averted. We have the rich pouring in 200 crore rupees or more to buy an IPL team. What a total contrast to this pathetic situation?

    Should we not make some attempt to arouse the conscience of the local big wigs and do something?
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    Sivakumar, why should we blame the bigwigs or the rich? Why do you think we have elected bodies ranging from the local panchayats (local bodies) to the state government in this federal system? Why do you think we have the education directorates and the staff, including the principals/ headmasters, teaching staff, and other supporting staff in schools and colleges?

    With specific reference to the unfortunate wall collapse incident, who is to be blamed? Who should have reported the poor condition of the building to the concerned authorities? Is there a parent-teacher association in addition? Do they have any responsibility? What about the local government heads and the elected members? Do they have any responsibility? Why blame the rich?

    I don't think anyone who has excess money will volunteer to do something for the benefit of society unless such requirements are brought to their notice. Moreover, being a government matter, there are certain procedures to be followed and one cannot demolish or build or renovate any structure belonging to the government without their consent.

    It is easy to speak about the contribution of society and things like that but it is not easy to put them into practice. It requires a concerted effort from all the quarters.

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    The schools are running and the teachers and other office staff might have seen the condition of the building. Why they kept silent. They may not be able to decide to reconstruct or repair the building. But they might have stopped that part of the building. I don't know what is the problem they have?

    You are an HR expert and you know how companies are participating in social development under CSR. But somebody should go and tell the issues. Then the people may come out with their helping hand. You know even mother also will not give you food unless otherwise, you tell her about your hunger.

    A person who is earning is paying almost 30 to 40% of his income as taxes. If all this money is used properly without wasting anywhere the government can do many things. But that is not happening. Why so it is not known to me.

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    When NTR was the CM of united AP then, they coined out Janma Bhoomi program through which Sharama dhaan and also locals contribution to the tune of 40 percent on every work was envisaged. That means a corporator has to take up the works along with housing colonies and their contributions and also contribute his share got from MP LAD and MLA LAD funds and therefore there was overall development of roads, basics, electricity and drainage. Once the other govt came to power all the old schemes are gone and in AP also when Chandrababu became CM he introduced the same program and now Jagan has discontinued the same. It is good that the society contribute to their area development and not the whole area to which the individuals are not ready. For example my colony of 77 houses is alone responsible to which we are ready to contribute.
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